Holly AI Tab

Our Brokerage Plus Module allows you to auto-trade Holly’s strategies via the Holly AI Tab. You can auto trade Holly in our Simulator, in a participating Broker's Simulator, or in your Live Account at a participating Brokerage.

Once you have set up the connection to our in-house simulator or your brokerage account via the Connect Tab, click the New Tab in the Brokerage Plus Module and select the Holly AI Tab. If you prefer to open a separate window, select Window and then Holly AI.

The Holly AI Tab/ Holly AI Window will contain the strategies that Holly has selected for the upcoming trading day.

Each night Holly backtests all of her 60 odd strategies. She does a deep dive into each strategy’s performance metrics and tweaks each algorithm for it to perform best. Once assessed and optimized, Holly only activates the strategies that perform best in the current market conditions.