Order Entry (Manual)

To submit orders manually, open the New Tab and select Order Entry from the dropdown. This will open an Order Entry Panel in a new window.

Alternatively, you can use the manual Order Entry Panel in the Positions Tab of the Brokerage Plus Window. To do so, click on the Gear Icon in the bottom right-hand corner and check the option Show Order Entry. This will open the Order Entry Panel right inside the Positions Tab.

Symbol Field

The Order Entry Panel is symbol-linked, so it will automatically load any ticker into the Symbol Field that you select in any of the Trade Ideas Window.

Position Size

You can define your Position Size in either Shares or Dollars, to toggle between these click the small downward pointing arrow at the top right-hand side of the Position Field.

Price Field

Enter a Price into the Price Field to submit a Limit Order or select MKT to submit a Market Order.

Stop Field

To submit a Stop Limit Order or a Stop Market Order, enter a Price in the Stop Field. This way, the Price entered in the Stop Field has to be reached by the stock first, in order for the defined Limit Order or Market Order to become active. Please note, this is NOT a Stop Loss.

Any Stop Loss will have to be placed separately AFTER the Entry Order has been submitted via the Manual Order Entry Panel. The Stop Field does not define the Stop Loss but turns a Limit Order into Stop Limit Order and a Market Order into a Stop Market Order. Entry Order, Stop Loss Order, and Target Order have to be placed separately in a second and third step via the Entry Order Panel AFTER the Entry Order has been submitted.

TIF Field

The Time in Force Field enables you to define when your submitted order will expire if not filled. You can choose 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes as well as DAY, which means until today’s market close, or GTC, which means Good Till Cancelled, which means that your order will remain open until you manually cancel it.

Exit Time Field

The Exit Time Field enables you to place a Time Stop.

Account Field

In order for any order to be submitted, you need to select an Account in the Account Field.

Buy & Sell Buttons

Once you have entered all the parameters of your Order, press Sell to Short a stock or Buy to Buy a stock.

Summary Field

Once you hit the SELL or BUY Button, the Summary Field below will provide a summary of your order. Use the small upward pointing arrow on the right-hand side below the BUY Button, to open or close the Summary Field.

Manual Stop Loss/Profit Target

Once you have successfully submitted your Entry Order, you can use the manual Order Entry Panel to submit a Stop Loss and a Profit Target.

To submit a typical Stop Loss Market Order, enter the same Share Size as your Entry Order in the Position Field, then select MKT in the Price Field and enter the Price that will activate your Stop Loss in the Stop Field.

To submit a typical Profit Target Limit Order, enter the same Share Size as your Entry Order in the Position Field, then select a Target Price in the Price Field.

Please note, if your Stop Loss or Target has been hit, you need to manually cancel the other order, e.g. either the Stop Loss or the Target Order. The manual Order Entry Panel does not submit bracket orders for Stop Losses or Targets.