Actions - Sound Alert

The Actions feature of our Alert window allows you to select various audio options. This way, you will be notified by a particular sound each time an alert triggers.

  1. A Right-Click in the Multi-Strategy Window, select Properties, and then Actions.

  2. Check Play Sound in the new popup window. Then click Set Up Sound.

  3. The next window will display built-in sound options. You can choose an asterisk, a beep, exclamation, a stop, or text to speech.

    If you choose the Text-To-Speech Option, a female voice will call out each stock symbol that triggers.

    Further below, you can choose a custom sound from your local computer. Please note that custom files need to be in WAV format, the system isn't able to use MP3.

  4. Once you have selected a Sound Option, click Play to test the audio. Use the Balance and Volume sliders to adjust the sound to your liking.

  5. Hit Okay when you are done.

Should you at any point decide, rather not to have sound alerts, you can always go back into the right-click Actions Menu and uncheck the sound option again.