The columns displayed in the Multi-Strategy Window can be reorganized via left-click drag and drop. The individual columns can also be extended or compressed by using your mouse. To add more viewable columns to your Multi-Strategy Window, right-click, select Properties, and then Columns.

The left-hand side shows the already listed columns, the right-hand side shows the columns that can be added.

Select additional columns from the field on the right-hand side by highlighting them with a mouse click. Then, click the arrow pointing to the left to move them to the Selected Columns field.

To remove any of the already selected columns, highlight the column, then click the arrow pointing to the right.

To only see the filter columns that are already part of your strategies, press the Hide Unused button.

To see generally used filter columns press the Add Defaults button.

To see a list of all available filter columns, press the More button.

Click OK when you are done.

To save all the displayed data of the Alert Window as a CSV file, right-click and select Save Contents. You can also transfer selected column entries, into a spreadsheet. To do so, highlight the rows either by clicking and holding down your left mouse key while moving over the rows or by pressing Control and A on your keyboard. To copy your selection, press Control, and C. Finally, press Control, and V, to paste the selected rows into your spreadsheet.