Channel Bar

Our Channel Bar contains over 40 Channels with preconfigured, but customizable scans covering a wide variety of trading styles and opportunities. They are the ideal starting point for new Trade Ideas users. We have a channel for momentum traders, one that looks for short squeezes, a premarket and after-hours channel, as well as one that focuses on gaps. There are also channels that look at fundamentals, at different sectors like China, Energy, Metals, or that focus on unusual options activity or volume, just to name a few.

Each Channel is made up of Alerts, Top List, and Multi-Strategy Windows as well as Charts enabling you to get started with trading right away.

After the first startup of the program, go to the Toolbar, open the New Tab and select Channel Bar for the free-floating version or Docked Channel Bar.

Browse through the different options and select a channel that suits your trading style or interest. Once selected, a set of Charts, Top List, and Alert Windows will populate. For an overview of the different channels have a look at the Channel Bar Description on our website.

Please note that the Channel layouts are fixed and will always populate the same way again after a restart. If you have rearranged a Channel layout and would like to keep using it this way, you need to save it to your Trade Ideas Cloud (Toolbar > File > Save or Share to Cloud before exiting the program. To open your saved custom layout, go to the Toolbar, open the File Tab and select Load from Cloud.

Another way of accessing up to five custom layouts is to create Custom Channels in the Channel Bar.

Free-Floating Channel Bar

Docked Channel Bar