Top List Window

A Top List Window displays a list of symbols that are meeting specified criteria.

Each Top List Window is marked with a “T” on the top left-hand corner.

Instead of showing a real-time stream of event-based alerts as displayed in an Alert Window, the Top List Window updates its list of filtered symbols every 30 seconds. It is akin to an automatically refreshing and updating spreadsheet and can be sorted in many different ways.

By default, each Top List window delivers the top 100 symbols based on your custom configuration. This record count can be extended to show a maximum of 1000 symbols at once.

There can be any number of Top List Windows, but bear in mind that each Top List Window requires system resources and bandwidth due to the update frequency.

Difference between Top List and Alert Windows:

An important thing to note is that there is a distint difference between Top List and Alert Windows.

Alert Windows update in real-time and display the latest event at the top together with a time stamp. They contain alerts and filters.

Top List Windows, on the other hand, refresh every 30 seconds they do not check or need a specific event and only contain filters. Top Lists are more comparable to a spreadsheet, they simply display up-to-date data.

A Top List will show the top results based on your Server Sort Filter not based on time. It will rank the stocks according to the Sort Filter and only display the stocks with the highest/lowest value in terms of the Sort Filter.

Individual Alerts don’t interact with each other, they work in an OR fashion, meaning each alert triggers when its specific event happens and is fully independent of the other alerts. Filters, on the other hand, work in an AND fashion.

Filters icons always have teal and purple backgrounds, whereas Alert icons display an image and mostly have white backgrounds.