The Market Explorer

The Trade Ideas Market Explorer is a new tool that enables us to build useful scans for our users outside of the software’s boundaries.

To access the Market Explorer, go to the Toolbar, open the New Tab and select Market Explorer (TIQ).

This will load the My Market Explorer Strategy Window.

To access the available scans right-click into the window and select Server Window. Then, select a scan from the dropdown.

8/20 Cross on Gappers

This ME scan is looking for a cross of the 8 EMA and 20 SMA on a 2 minute time-frame in stocks with abnormally strong volume. The plan behind this strategy is to enter a trade when the trend is just turning higher. This is one of the favorite intraday setups of our Trading Room Moderato and seasoned Pro Barrie.

RSI Divergence Long/Short

This ME scan monitors daily charts for RSI divergences. An RSI Divergence occurs, when the Relative Strength Index starts reversing before the price does. The stock makes a new high or low in terms of price, but the RSI value does not correspondingly increasing/decreasing. This could indicate that the buyers/sellers are potentially running out of steam. Simply put, an RSI divergent strategy is a revision to the mean strategy using the Relative Strength Index as the momentum indicator. Traders often combine this strategy with technical patterns to spot reversal points.

Michael Nauss of Trade Ideas discussing RSI Divergence on Trader TV:

Bull/Bear Flag

Bear and Bull Flags are classic technical patterns on the daily chart. This ME strategy is looking for stocks that made a recent move higher (Bull Flag) or lower (Bear Flag) and thereafter move sideways for a few days. This consolidation gives traders a well-defined area to enter in the direction of the trend as well as a well-defined support level.

TI Strength

TI Strength is a relative strength system that uses a series of indicators and technical patterns to detect and trade the strongest stocks in the market. Combine this backtested system with technical analysis to ensure that you are trading the market’s current strongest names.

Gap Up/Gap Down Fill

This ME Strategy is looking for large gaps to be filled, meaning for the price to move back to the starting point of the gap. Gaps occur unexpectedly, they form on a chart, when the price of a stock moved sharply up or down, with little or no trading in between. These levels often act as support/resistance since funds that missed the move might get in. Due to the lack of immediate support/resistance, a stock that starts to fill the gap seldom stops. Gap-fill stocks are considered filled when their price retreats to the original pre-gap level.

Michael Nauss of Trade Ideas discussing Gap Fill Trading on Trader TV:

Three Line Strike (Short/Long)

The Three Line Strike ME Strategy is scanning the market for stocks that had 3 down days/up days in a row which are followed by an engulfing candle that erases all the previous selling/buying pressure in one fell swoop. The idea behind this scan is to find trapped sellers/buyers who could fuel the move.