Real-Time Stock Race (Beta version)

The Real-Time Stock Race is a unique way of data visualization that distills the stock market action down to its essence and combats the information overload many traders face.

It enables you to see important metrics generally displayed in our spreadsheet-like Top List Windows in a straightforward and engaging way. Your top-ranking stocks will race against each other, helping you to see winners, the losers, and the ones in the middle field at a glance! You can use any Top List Window of your choice.

There are three ways to access the Real-Time Stock Race Setup.

Option 1:

Go to the Toolbar, open the New Tab and select Real-Time Stock Race:

This will load the Top List Configuration Window.

Make any changes you desire to the Top List Config, then press OK to access the Real-Time Stock Race Setup. The race configuration options are explained below.

Option 2:

Select one of our dedicated Stock Racing Channels from the Channel Bar to see our stock racing in action. Many of our other channels, for example the Momo-Mentum, Alpha Predator and Premarket Channel also contain preconfigured Stock Races for ease of use:

Option 3:

You can also access the Real-Time Stock Race Setup from any open Top List Window. Simply right-click into your Top List Window and select Launch Real-Time Stock Race.

Real-Time Stock Race Setup

You have various race configuration options:

Race Lanes

Choose how many stocks will participate in the race. The maximum is 100 stocks/race lanes. In order to run races with a large number of stocks, you will have to increase the height of your race setup window so it accommodates all race lanes. Once the race has started, the window size can be decreased again.

Based On

You can base the stock race on any filter that is part of your Top List. All available filters will be listed in the Based On dropdown.

  • Delta: When Delta is selected, all stocks will start equal, no matter the current filter value, and the ones with the biggest increase/change in filter value during the race will become the front-runners.

  • Total: When Total is selected, the stock with the highest total filter value will become the winner.

Sort On

You can define the order of the stock line-up from top to bottom via the Sort On option. If you choose Price as the sorting criterion and select descending as the direction, the most expensive stock will be at the top, whilst the least expensive one will be placed at the bottom. If you select Ascending, this order will be flipped. If you select Delta Value - Descending, the strongest stocks will be ranked from top to bottom.


You have two options for a goal, you can define a race time or a race target.

  • Time: You can set the race to end after a fixed period of time. To do so, set the Goal to Time and choose the runtime in minutes in the field below.

  • Based on Value: You can define a specific value as the race target.

    To do so, set the Goal to Based on Value and enter the Target Value in the field below.

    As an example, if you base your race on the filter Price (Delta) and enter 2.00 as the Goal Target Value, the race will end as soon as the first stock has gained $2.

    If you base your race on Change from the Close in Percent (Total) and enter 50.00 as the Target Value, the race will end once the first stock has achieved a 50% Change from the Close.

Replace Cars

Here, you can decide whether new stocks can enter the race after it has started, or if you would like to maintain the list of stocks selected at the start of the race. If the option Replace Cars is enabled, new stocks that are suddenly gaining strength will replace the weakest stocks during the race.

Biggest Loser Wins Select this option for Top Lists that scan for stocks making negative moves, e.g. Down Gappers, Top Percentage Losers etc.

Auto Re-Run

Lastly, you can decide whether you would like to start a new race that's based on the same conditions as soon as the first race has ended.

If this option is enabled, the winners of each race will be listed on the right-hand side of the race window, from top to bottom.

To clear the race winners, right-click into the race window and select Clear Race Winners.

Auto Start on Load

When this option is selected, your race will start automatically once you load it from the cloud or open a layout that contains this racing window.

Please note that you will need to save your race config to the cloud to retain your race setting and to enable the auto-startup.

To save your racing setup, right-click into the window and select Save or Share to Cloud.

Start Button

Once you're race is set up, press the Start button on the bottom left-hand side to initiate the race.

While the race is running, the race window background will be green.

During the race, you will see stocks moving forward as well as pulling back based on the change in filter value.

A green line below a stock race car means a car moved up in position.

A red line below a stock race car means it moved down in position.

A yellow line below a stock race car means the stock has been newly added to the race (when the option Replace Cars is enabled).

To stop the race, press the Running button.

Ended and stopped races will have a red racing window background.

Once the race is finished, the winning stock will be named.

You can replay the entire race by moving the slider at the bottom backward and forward.

Race Replay

Once the race has ended, you can replay it by moving the slider at the bottom of the race window backward and forward. This will let you see how the race progressed and if the leader was in front all along or if it was a sudden move up from the back etc.

View Race Configuration

To see the race configuration, right-click into the racing window and select Show Race Setup. To go back to the racing view, right-click again and select Hide Race Setup.

Edit Race Configuration

To change any of the race parameters, right-click into the racing window and select Show Race Setup. Thereafter, stop the race by pressing the Running button, then make the desired changes and press Start.

View/Edit Top List Configuration

To open the underlying Top List Window, right-click into the race window and select Open Top List:

To edit the underlying Top List Window, right-click into the race window and select Configure. This will open the Top List Config Window and stop the race.

Save Race Configuration

If you would like to retain your Race Configuration, save it to your cloud. To do so, right-click into the Race Window and select Save or Share to Cloud:

Once done, your new stock race is stored in your cloud, from where it can easily be retrieved.

Just go to the Toolbar, open the File Tab and choose Load from Cloud.

To find a saved race setup, you can enter its name in the search field, or scroll through the list. Just highlight the race, then choose Load.