Email and SMS Alerts

You can receive alerts as an email or SMS text message. Once configured, you will receive an email or sms when one of your strategies triggers. This service is, however, not intended as a replacement for our main product and is currently in beta; it works well for strategies with a very limited number of alerts. The email or sms will contain at most 10 stock symbols, and you will typically not get more than 3 messages per hour.

To set up Email or SMS notifications head to the Email/Text Messaging section of your Account Management page.


Enter the email adress you would like to receive notifications to in the email address field, then press Update General Info:

To receive an SMS to your cell phone, an Email to SMS gateway is required. Contact your cell phone provider for more information.

You can configure up to nine strategies. To import an Alert Windows, right-click into your scan, and select Collaborate. Choose Copy All, then paste this code into the Collaborate field.

To create a new Strategy, select Edit from the Actions column.

This will load the Alert Configuration Page, where you create your scan using our over 500 Alerts and Filters. Make your selection. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, to give your new strategy a name. Press Accept Changes to import the strategy.

Next, enter the Title and Body your Email/SMS notifications will carry. For an SMS text message Title and Body are combined. Each of these fields can be a combination of normal text and special codes from the list below. For example, the title might be "New Stock Alert: ~w" and the body might be "Found: ~s".


This code will insert the Alert Window's name. You can change the name by selecting Edit from the Actions column. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page to edit the Strategy Name.


This code will insert the stock symbol which set off the alert. In some cases this might be a list of up to 10 stock symbols.


This code will insert a hyperlink containing more information about the alerts. The notifociation itself only entails a limited amount of data. The email or text message will contain at most 10 stock symbols, and you will typically not get more than 3 messages per hour. This hyperlink will allow you to see all alerts, including some which you might have missed. The information about the alerts will be at the top of the page. The remainder of the page will contain the standard Email / SMS configuration options.


This code is similar to ~c, but the web page is optimized for a web browser on a mobile phone.


This code will be replaced by a single tilde. For example, if you set the body of your message to "~w" you will see the window name in your email message. But if you set the body to "~~w", then you will see exactly "~w" in your email message.

The name and setting of your Alert Window will automatically be entered in the Settings field. The settings column allows you to see a graphical summary of your strategy. Move your mouse over an icon and hover to see more details about the corresponding alert or filter. Click on an icon to see detailed help about the corresponding alert or filter.

To enable/disable Email/SMS notifications for your strategy, check the Enable box, then press the Update Strategies button below the Configuration options. Also press the Update Strategies button whenever you have made changes to your strategies. Your changes will take effect as soon as you hit that button. If you don't hit that button, your changes will be lost.

The Actions column may contain several hyperlinks. The exact actions which are available will depend on the strategy. If an action is not appropriate, it will not appear in that column.

The View action allows you to view the strategy in real time using our web version.

Each strategy is only allowed to send one email or SMS every 20 minutes. This will protect you in case you accidentally use a strategy which produces a lot of alerts.

Use the Reset option to skip the 20 minute waiting period. This option will only be visible if your notofications are currently paused.