Window Specific Filters Tab

The Window Specific Filters Tab enables you to select many different filters for your Top List Window. Unlike alerts, which work in an OR fashion, filters work in an AND fashion. A stock must satisfy all of the filter conditions to show up in your Top List Window.

Right-click into the Top List Window, select Configure, and open the Window Specific Filters Tab. You can define a minimum and a maximum value for each filter. The minimum filter icons are teal-colored, and the maximum filter icons are purple-colored. The magnifying glass icon between them hosts the Show Me Feature. A click on it will open a window, where you can test different filter values.

The In Words Tab, will have a written description of what the filter will display. Depending on the filter, you will also see the effects of different filter values, as a Histogram, on a Chart, in an Up vs Down comparison, on a Calendar, and will be provided with suggestions in an Example Tab.

Just use the sliders in each tab, to adjust your minimum and maximum values, and see how many stocks fit the chosen criteria.

To only see the filters that are part of your strategy, press the Hide Unused button.

Choose Add Defaults to see the list of filters that are generally used.

You can add more filters, by pressing the More Button and then using the Search function.

Highlight a filter, you would like to add, then press the Add Filter Button, at the bottom. The chosen filter will automatically be added to the Windows Specific Filters Tab, where you can enter minimum and maximum values, or leave them blank. A stock must satisfy all of the filter conditions to show up in your Top List Window. To create a watchlist or to see a filter value of a stock without limiting the scope of your scan, leave its value fields blank, and choose Show Column, to add them to the Columns Tab.

Click OK when you are done, or jump to one of the other tabs to adjust your scan further.