Compare Count Window

The Compare Count Window is used to visually compare a bullish against a bearish strategy. By default, it compares New Highs versus New Lows. It is a great visualization tool that can provide an indication of what the markets are up to.

To open a Compare Count Window, go to the Toolbar, open the New Tab, and select Compare Count Window. If you leave all the settings unchanged and click OK at the bottom of the window, it will graphically display the New Highs versus New Lows comparison.

The green line is representing the bullish strategy, the red line, the bearish strategy. You can see the lines update in real-time. The thick lines represent the fast EMAs. The thin lines represent the slower, smoothed-out Moving Averages, showing the more general trend for each strategy. The blue line represents the percent line, it correlates with the bullish, green strategy and shows the percentage of new Highs. If the blue line would sit right at the top, at 100%, it would mean that all stocks would be making new highs. If it was at 0% it would mean all stocks would be making new lows. The cylinder score on the left-hand side reflects the percentage of highs versus low or bullish versus bearish as well. The green portion is in line with the blue percent line, the red one with the red EMA line.

The X-axis on the left-hand side displays the timeline, the Y-axis shows the Alerts per Second, the X-axis on the right-hand side displays the Percentage of New Highs.

You can adjust the compare count view via the right-click menu. You have the option to only show points, only show percent, or to show both. In addition to that, you can include or exclude the legend on the top-right-hand side of the Compare Count Window.

Furthermore, you can choose a Dark Background.

The Small Borders function enables you to make the window much more narrow than with regular borders, which is beneficial if screen space is limited.

Select Clear, to reload the Compare Count Window. During the refresh, the current percent and EMA lines will be removed and then start calculating anew.

To create an exact copy of the current Compare Count Window, select Duplicate.