Trade XYZ

Our Brokerage Plus Module enables you to send orders based on Holly's strategies directly to participating brokers or our simulator.

As a first step, open the Brokerage Plus Module by clicking, Brokerage Plus Sim in the Toolbar. This will automatically connect you to our Simulator.

You can confirm that you are connected to our Simulator, by clicking Connect in the top left-hand corner. If the connection bar and the chosen connection option are green, the connection has been established. To connect to a participating Brokerage Platform, follow the instructions in the Brokerage Plus Connect Tab section.

Once connected, right-click the symbol you would like to trade within the AI Strategy Trades Window and select Trade XYZ.

You can enter the trade based on Holly’s moderate or conservative Risk Mode. Since the aggressive risk mode has no stop loss, it is not an option. Once you have chosen the risk mode, our Brokerage Plus Module will send the order to the Simulator or your Brokerage Account, including Holly’s stops, targets, and timed exit parameters.

Once executed, your trade will be displayed in the Positions Tab of Brokerage Plus.

The Trade Size will depend on your Trading Instruction settings in the Holly AI Tab within Brokerage Plus.

In addition to applying Holly’s conservative or moderate exit parameters, you can also select your own One-Click-Trading Strategies from the right-click menu.

Holly One-Click-Trading:

Holly Chart Trading: