Holly AI History

The History Feature allows you to analyze Holly’s trades over the past years. You can select specific days or a time period.

To access the function, right-click into the Strategy Trades Window and select History.

You can sort the output by specific columns. If I would like to, for example, see the highest profit in conservative risk mode for the last 30 days, just double-click the Conservative Profit column to sort by it.

To transfer the column entries into a spreadsheet, highlight the rows either by clicking and holding down your left mouse key while moving over the rows or by pressing the Control and A key on your keyboard. To copy your selection, press the Control and C key on your PC’s keyboard. Finally, press the Control and V key to paste the selected rows into your spreadsheet.

Go to the Toolbar, select Options, Layouts, and then Highlight grid row upon selection to highlight entire rows with one mouse click. If this setting is disabled, you can highlight single columns.

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