Why Holly?

... because Holly Helps Everyone! No matter if you are a new Trader, a seasoned Trader, a Day Trader or a Swing Trader, you will be able to benefit from Holly and gain a definite edge in the market!

Holly and the New Trader

As a new Trader, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the data streaming in. The immense amount of information is as exhausting as it is exciting. You haven't found your trading style yet and the stock market may seem like a vast ocean of unexplored territory. Navigating all that deep blue on your own might feel overwhelming, but with the help of our investment discovery engine Holly, it really doesn't have to be. Our AI dives deep into the stock market and comes back with a map to guide your investment decisions. What would take a trader days or weeks, Holly accomplishes in seconds. She watches the stock market for you and analyzes the data as it comes in, comparing it to what she learned. When you log into your customized channel she tells you the trends, recommends the plan for getting in, as well as getting out, and shows you opportunities to make the most of your investment dollars. With Holly at the helm, you're making financial decisions based on statistically tested scenarios and actionable market intelligence.

As a new trader, you can learn a lot from Holly. See her as a mentor on your side who helps you navigate the markets. Monitor how she executes her trades, which strategies she applies, and which risk modes work best in which market.

Holly and the Seasoned Trader

Apart from utilizing Holly's tried and tested strategies, there is value in monitoring the performance of the different risk metrics. The Moderate Risk Mode outperforming the Conservative Risk Mode, for example, would be a strong signal to hold onto winners instead of taking quick profits. And conversely, if the Conservative Risk Mode is outperforming the Moderate Risk Mode, it is a strong indication that the market is choppy, and one would be best advised to take profits quickly or at least move up the stop in the direction of the trend. Holly’s strategy selection and direction can also give traders a good indication about what kind of a market to expect in the upcoming trading day. If Holly, for example, mainly chooses long strategies, one could take that as a sign to keep a close eye on all shorts.

Holly and the Swing Trader

Holly exits all her trades at the end of each trading day. However, the trade catalysts don’t simply expire when the stock market closes. Some of these triggers offer the potential to catapult a stock over the course of several days or weeks in the direction of today’s trading signal. A swing trader can use Holly’s carefully selected trades to create a watchlist of stocks that are suitable for a swing setup. You can point any of your scans at such a Symbol List and/or use them in combination with Price Alerts.

Have a look at this section of the main User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create and use Symbol Lists.

Following a simple routine could put you in a position to leverage the power of Trade Ideas’ AI to identify statistically significant edges and gain potentially large profits.

Look at the weekly chart of MARA below for example. Holly traded this stock multiple times over days and weeks, a savvy swing trader looking for good setups, could have potentially ridden this trend all the way up.

Trade-Ideas, LLC · Episode 14: Swing Trading with HOLLY AI