AI Risk Size Explained

By Default, the AI Risk Size is set to 100 shares per trade.

This setting can be adjusted to reflect your personal investment style. From the Toolbar choose Tools, select Options, and then AI Trade Size.

Here you have the choice between defining Holly’s entry parameters based on:

  • Dollars

    If you entered $2000 as the amount and the stock price is $20, Holly will buy 100 shares. If the stock price is $40, she will only buy 50 shares.

  • Shares

    You can enter a fixed number of Shares per trade to buy or short.

  • Risk

    If you choose to risk $100 and Holly’s algorithmic stop loss per trade is $0,20, she will buy 500 shares per trade.

  • Default

    By Default, the AI Profit & Loss is based on 100 shares per trade.

These settings will be used to calculate the Profit & Loss in both AI Windows as well as the Holly AI Tab within Brokerage Plus.