Option 1: Trade Holly Hands-On

One easy way of benefiting from Holly's Trading Signals is to monitor her real-time trade suggestions via the AI Strategy Trades Window and then placing the orders manually in your Broker's Account.

This is the way to go, if you have an account at a Brokerage that doesn't connect to our Brokerage Plus Module.

Our External Linking feature makes placing an order manually in your trading account a breeze.

Set up Sound Alerts to get notified whenever Holly places a new trade, then check the chart and trade parameters.

If the stock is in your price range and you like the setup, follow Holly's example and enter the share size, stop loss, and target price manually into your brokerage platform.

Don't get discouraged if you don't manage to enter at the exact same time and price as Holly. Most of her trades are not set to only last seconds. Keep evaluating the trade as it progresses and feel free to take partial profits or to exit earlier or later than Holly.

Always remember, the combination of human and machine is much more powerful than each on their own.