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Letter to the Editor

April 24, 2005

Stocks, Futures & Options is a good magazine that covers alot of topics related to professional investing with depth. They…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection- TI “Black Box” system has improved

April 19, 2005

We took our black box system off line to adjust it so that it better reacts to volatility. After the…

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How to Find Oversold Stocks

March 2, 2005

We have had many requests for a setting that is good at finding stocks that are oversold and may be…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection: Early Results

March 1, 2005

When you set off to create a completely automated trading system do not assume it is going to be easy.…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection- TI “Black Box” system

February 21, 2005

UPDATE: All inquiries into our ATS Black Box trading system can begin by visiting our partner, ATrade Investment Technologies LLC:…

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Nextrend’s Lesson

February 1, 2005

Nextrend, a software and brokerage services firm, recently closed its doors. The sudden ending came as a shock to many…

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Trade Ideas LLC Annual Partners Meeting in 1 week

January 21, 2005

Place: San Diego, CA When: January 29, 2005 Things are heating up in anticipation of our annual meeting. Last year’s…

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How films have influenced our view of the stock market 

Written by Katie Gomez As we were growing up, we absorbed a lot of information from the news and entertainment…

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Does the Chart Confirm the Story? Are You Wrong, or Are You Just Early?

Written by Katie Gomez Most investors have stories behind an investment. Many people come to the stock market because they…

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The importance of understanding orders: learning to invest with intention

Written by Katie Gomez When you make the transition from investing to trading, there are certain things you have to…

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Trade Ideas automatic scanner makes trading more visually appealing; Keeping your eye on the prize has never been easier

Written by Katie Gomez Many people believe there are good and bad days, boring days, and exciting days in the…

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How to make Trading more Doable: Compartmentalize your trading journey

Written by Katie Gomez We live in a generation of information overload.  We are inundated with an unlimited pool of…

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Tricks of the trade, for when things don’t go your way: How to deal with market downturns

Written by Katie Gomez If there were a song that could embody the life of a stock market investor or…

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Learning to invest with confidence: Proven strategies to help beat the stock market

Written by Katie Gomez Confidence is something that can take a while for investors and traders to build. The stock…

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Don’t Chase the High, Wait for the Pullbacks

Written By Katie Gomez New traders can be seduced by the adrenaline rush and glamor of winning the game. However…

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How Traders Can Use RSI to Discover New Opportunities

By Katie Gomez The best traders know never to judge a trade based on first appearances because there is usually…

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How to let your Winners Run

Written by Katie Gomez As a trader, you have probably heard the phrase, “let your winners run,” or some iteration…

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