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TI User Guide

The Trade Ideas User Guide is our robust database offering step-by-step presentation and explanation of all the software's features and functions.

A few topics covered in the User Guide

  • Download Installation
  • Software Layout
  • Channel Bar
  • Docked Channel Bar
  • Docked Window
  • Toolbar
  • AI Holly Strategy Window
  • Brokerage Plus

20 Introductory Lessons

Introduction to Trade Ideas

Sign up for our 20 lessons in 20 days. This set of short and succinct lessons were designed to teach you the essentials of Trade Ideas and get you started trading with some of the most powerful tools we offer. Click the button below to get started.

A few topics covered in the 20 lessons

  • Downloading Trade Ideas Pro
  • Channel Bar
  • What's a Top List
  • Multi-Strategy Windows
  • Custom Layouts
  • Intro to the Cloud
  • Price Alerts
  • Backtesting
  • Customize Holly the A.I.
  • Brokerage+

Daily Support Sessions

Free Daily Support

These Daily Support Sessions are here for you to join anytime it's open and ask our panel for assistance with Trade Ideas technology or trading related questions.

We stream all of our live Support Sessions Monday through Friday from 12pm ET / 9am PT. Just click on the link: and bookmark it to join using the same link for all of the Support Sessions.

*New to our Support Sessions. Chris Varley, our newest addition to the Daily Support Sessions, is an experienced day trader and expert at using Trade Ideas technology. Chris is live Monday - Friday 3:30pm ET - 4:30pm ET.

A few examples of questions asked

  • What's your favourite Trade Ideas strategy?
  • Are you able to use any of the filters for Profit Targets and Stop Losses when you are auto trading your strategy?
  • Can you limit Holly/AI to your own symbol list?
  • I want to set an alert for a specific candlestick pattern over 3 days.
  • I upgraded to a premium account, any tips on how to utilize Holly properly?
  • Do the price alerts persist through the week or only last for the day?

Free Trading Room

Daily Trading Room hosted by Barrie Einarson

Barrie is an experienced day/swing trader and an expert at using Trade Ideas technology to capture alpha in any market condition. Barrie is live Monday - Friday 9am ET - 3:30pm ET.

Join Barrie Monday through Friday trading with real money through his live account.

What the viewers have to say

“I spent months looking at other rooms and training programs. I purchased Trade Ideas because not only is this software great and seems to upgrade constantly, Barrie has taught me more about trading than all the paid programs.”

- Paul W.

“I’m only 3 months into trading, once I started with TI and actually listening to the regulars on here , my performance almost doubled!”


Daily Webinars

Sign up for free daily webinars

Monday through Thursday we broadcast a live webinar hosted by our professional trader/educators here at Trade Ideas.

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Webinars that are offered

  • Office Hours: Every other Monday @ 2pm PT
  • Trade Of The Week: Every other Tuesday @ 2pm PT
  • Q&A: Every other Wednesday @ 2pm PT
  • Trading Studio: Every other Thursday @ 2pm PT

Educational Videos

In addition to our Trade Ideas University courses, ideal for anyone from beginner to expert, we have a robust number of educational videos archived on our YouTube Channel

On Wednesdays we review the Trade Ideas Pro platform and technology and introduce new and upcoming features. Following the technology and features portion, we will open the floor for any questions regarding using Trade Ideas and our services.

Video tutorials include

  • Creating your account
  • Starting Trade Ideas from scratch
  • Custom Channels
  • Risk On/Off feature for A.I.
  • Price Alerts
  • A.I. Channel - Holly

Back to Basics

Watch as Michael Nauss, a Chartered Market Technician and trader for 15 years, sits down with his wife Jess that has never placed a trade or investment before and teaches her how to trade.

This free 36 part intro to trading course covers everything from "What is a stock?" to trading with Holly our Artificial Intelligence.

Video tutorials include

  • What is a stock
  • Intro to charts
  • Candlesticks
  • Support and resistance
  • Trends
  • Fundamentals
  • Artificial Intelligence

Trading Books and Documents

You'll find our collection of educational and eye opening eBooks written by our team of traders here at Trade Ideas.

In addition to our eBooks, you'll find the Brokerage Plus user guide and a list of Alert Types for the Trade Ideas trading software.

eBooks include

  • 5 ways to win in a post BTFD market
  • Solid swing trading concepts
  • Range breaks and pullbacks
  • Active investing for the passive trader
  • Earnings Season
  • My favorite trading strategy indicators

1-On-1 Training Sessions

Sometimes 1-on-1 training sessions are the best way to accelerate your learning or overcome a challenge with the help of a seasoned, expert trading education specialist. With that in mind, Trade Ideas provides 1-on-1 sessions in 1-hour increments for $129/hour.

Request a personalized 1-on-1 hour-long session

Sessions with a Trade Ideas professional educator are $129/hr. Please provide detailed information on the form describing specifically what you need assistance with.

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Archived Classes

Brand new to the market? Take a look at our “Back To Basics” webinar series.

Newcomers Start Here

Brand new to the market? Take a look at our “Back To Basics” webinar series.