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Trade Ideas technology is fully integrated inside eSignal. Trade Ideas is a tool to scan the U.S. markets for trade and investment opportunities ranging across weeks, days, and intraday timeframes. Tune into themed market channels regularly maintained by Trade Ideas.

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Interactive Brokers

Combine your subscription to the Trade-Ideas suite of tools – including automation, the easiest online trading journal you’ll ever use, with Interactive Broker’s per share pricing.


Trade Ideas has partnered with ETRADE to enable you to manage your positions, execute $0 commission trades, even automate your strategies just by connecting your ETRADE account to your active Trade Ideas subscription.

Trader Education Partners Of Trade Ideas

Bulls On Wall Street

Are you ready to use the power of Trade Ideas’ alpha capturing technology with your Bulls On Wall Street team access and strategies? Bulls on Wallstreet has teamed up with Trade Ideas to develop scans that help you find the next winning trade. Visit Bulls on Wall St. for more info or click Learn More to download.

Bullish Bears

Tim Davis, Daniel Adams, and Lucien Bechard are the founders of the Bullish Bears community. In fact, we have a passion for trading, a desire to help people succeed as traders with a level playing field, and a love for our community.

From the very start, our mission was to create a stock market trading community that had a “pay it forward” mentality to it. As a result, we all help each other to become better traders and along the journey helps us to become better people by helping others to succeed. Try our community out free for 14 days below.

Day Trade Review

Day Trade Review is a review site run by traders for traders. The site offers in-depth reviews of platforms, brokers, chat rooms, and educational services. Day Trade Review helps traders make smarter decisions before paying for a service. Trade Ideas is currently one of the top rated services on the site!

Day Tradingz

DAYTRADINGz is the right place for investors and traders to read insightful reviews about financial products and services. Visit for more information.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull Traders (BBT) is a community of traders from all walks of life and varying levels of market experience. Moderated by Andrew Aziz, author of trading books ‘How to Day Trade for a Living’ and ‘Advanced Techniques in Day Trading’, the BBT team focuses on continuous education in three broad trading areas: (1) trade identification and technical analysis, (2) trade management, and (3) trading psychology. The group conducts daily trade recaps, publishes technical strategy guides, as well as share their trading psychology experiences. Bear Bull Traders features a live trading chatroom, weekly classes, mentorship webinars, and online forums where members can discuss and share their trading ideas. In-person meetups are also organized around the world. Whether a beginner starting out on their journey or a seasoned veteran, Bear Bull Traders is the online community for serious day traders.

The Day Trader Chatroom

The Day Trader Chatroom is a site built for traders like you. We created a one-stop-shop for all things day trading, we provide courses, video lessons, 1on1 sessions, trading resources, tools, and of course a trading chatroom. The main thing that sets us apart is that we care for our student's success and because of that we focus our courses and lessons around proper risk management in the market and we make it our mission to make sure that each student receives the very best trading education. Our service in conjunction with the amazing scanners and charts provided by Trade Ideas is a true recipe for success. Click to learn more about us.

Valued Partners With Trade Ideas

New York Stock Exchange

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Trade Ideas LLC, a provider of real-time idea generation and market scanning technology, recently announced NASDAQ Market Velocity and Forces® has been integrated into its market scanning platform, giving end-users the ability to measure levels of pre-trade order activity in the NASDAQ® trading system.  As a result, Trade Ideas LLC end-users can receive trade ideas that gauge buy and sell interest in specific issues as well as compare expected order activity with the current activity before the actual trade occurs.