Download Trade Ideas Pro

Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner is a downloadable, MS Windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer. The Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner offers faster access to the array of statistic analysis servers in the Trade Ideas data center.

Download the latest production version of  Trade Ideas Pro AI, Version 4.2.175

The current release works with both 32-bit and 64-bit
This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

Changes in 4.2.175 (8/27/2020) since the release of 4.2.156 (6/15/2019):

  • Fixed localization issues when configuring multiple strategies in the Multi-Strategy window.
  • Clear the label data in the Similar tab when a user enters a bad symbol in the Single Stock window.
  • Improved news sources in the News tab of the Single Stock window.
  • Fixed the Clear function for the Alert windows.
  • Fixed Calendar display issues when there were no trades in that month in the OddsMaker Results window.
  • Fix text displaying issues when the mouse is hovering over an entry in the News tab of the Single Stock window.
  • Remove the setting "Show extra chart drawings" in the Options window since this feature is now set in the Chart Properties context menu.
  • The Details tab in the Single Stock window will now display more digits after the decimal for symbols with prices of less than $1.

Made the following changes in the Charts:

  • Add a show/hide executions context menu to show/hide the buy/sell annotations for executions.
  • Add a show/hide smart risk levels annotations feature to the charts.
  • Fix bug where the show indicators context menu was not setting the show/hide flag correctly.
  • Add a customized context menu to the buy and short toolbar images in the Charts window to edit the long and short default chart strategies in Brokerage Plus.

Made the following changes in Brokerage Plus:

  • Improved the context menu in the Positions grid.
  • Improved stability of Brokerage Plus.
  • Fixed issue with the profit chart not updating after symbol linking or entering a symbol in the Order Entry panel of the Positions grid.
  • Fixed position sizing bug that would cause size to be wrong when using chart submission and risk type "based on stop loss".
  • Fixed issues with positions disappearing and the profit chart not displaying correctly after connecting or disconnecting brokers with positions in the Positions tab/form.
  • Removed the OddsMaker context menu items in the Strategy tab/form since that function is no longer relevant and was causing confusion.
  • Fixed symbol linking to the order entry control. This feature is disabled when the user connects to a broker and is enabled after receiving position data including history.
  • Fixed an issue where the profit chart may not display the correct earliest position in the Positions grid.
  • Fixed an exception that can cause positions to disappear after applying filters and/or cause the profit chart not to display in the Positions tab/form.
  • Fixed issue where new Positions tabs/forms did not display the positions data.
  • Fixed bug where after a reconnect to IB, the account information was all zeros.
  • Fixed issues in the Positions tab/form when loading multiple positions of the same symbol but from different IB accounts.
  • Ignore any executions from previous days.
  • Account and position data should update from all Interactive Brokers accounts regardless of the default IB account.
  • Fixed bug where the "Modify Stop Orders" context window was not enabled in the context menu in the Positions grid.
  • Added the Actions (sound alerts and show window) feature to the ExecutionGrid tab/form.
  • Fixed issue where a new position did not appear in the Positions grid when no old positions were available.
  • Fixed issue where a position grid tab/form becomes detached from position changes when no old positions were available.
  • Fixed issue that caused TIPro to become unresponsive when the user had many open positions in the Positions tab/form.
  • Fixed issue with disappearing positions when loading many positions from Interactive Brokers.
  • Fixed bug where symbol linking in the Brokerage Plus stopped working.
  • Fix issues where submitted orders using strategies may send the order to the wrong broker.
  • Fixed issue where the Interactive Brokers orders did not display in the orders grid.
  • Quotes now get applied appropriately in the position Last field.

Known Issues in this build:

  • None.

System Requirements


  • Windows 10
  • 32 bit system bus
  • 1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 4 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 8 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 16 Gigs of RAM