Out With the Old, In With the Gold: Precious Metals Stocks Set to Shine in 2024: Out With the Old, In With the Gold

Out With the Old, In With the Gold: Precious Metals Stocks Set to Shine in 2024: Out With the Old, In With the Gold

Dec 28, 2023

By Katie Gomez

The stock market offers substantial rewards, but savvy investors recognize that trading extends beyond equities. Precious metals have emerged as unexpected winners in recent years, gaining value while stock prices fluctuate. With escalating inflation rates and the ongoing U.S. economic downturn, stock investments maintain high levels of risk and volatility. This article aims to explore the significance of precious metals in the market and their anticipated performance in the upcoming year. For traders seeking to diversify their investment portfolios beyond stocks, this article provides insights into precious metals, highlighting which ones are poised for success in the crystal ball predictions for 2024.

Historical context 

While precious metals exhibited promise from late 2021 to early 2022, their growth momentum decelerated just before entering 2023. Unlike the stock market, which is adversely impacted by inflation, precious metals tend to appreciate in value as currency weakens. However, gold, a key currency exchange alternative, experienced challenges last year due to surging inflation levels. Although prices briefly surged above $2000 per ounce in March amid geopolitical tensions involving Russia and Ukraine, triggering a flight to perceived safe-haven assets, gold also felt the impact of the economic downturn.

Ultimately, persistent inflation readings exceeding 8% exerted downward pressure on real yields, affecting non-yielding gold. Prices dipped below $1650 in November. Silver faced even more significant pressure, leading to a gold-to-silver ratio of 98:1. This surprising ratio prompted speculation about reevaluating the traditional award connotations for these metals, as technically, silver surpassed gold in value as a precious metal. Despite these challenges, metals experienced a resurgence at the beginning of 2023, as the recession heightened the appeal of precious metals. Gold and silver reinstated their reliability factor in the eyes of investors, reclaiming their status as inflation-hedging safe havens.

Macroeconomic Backdrop Favorable for Metals in 2024

While inflation cooled in 2023, analysts broadly expect consumer prices to rise over 4% year-over-year in the new year, exceeding the Fed’s original target of 2%. Stubborn inflation will continue into 2024, promoting more investors to rotate into alternative inflation hedges, namely gold and silver (as they often trend alongside rising CPI). 

Even moderate but consistent inflation proves precious metals are worth buying now to preserve purchasing power in the new year. Equally, if not more supportive, escalating market anxiety over a 2024 U.S. recession continues to spook markets after emerging barely unscathed in 2023. As the risks of profit shrinkage, layoffs, and a bear market grow, traders will scramble for perceived safe-haven assets in 2024.Considering the historical context before their next move would be prudent for traders, as gold and silver have consistently rallied 6 to 12 months leading into previous recessions, indicating that precious metals could be a safe bet. With the macro trend still intact. Metals appear underpriced based on historical leading recession signals. In short, analysts expect constructive high inflation in combination with recessionary fears to foster a bullish setup come 2024, leaving precious metal owners in a lucrative spot of opportunity. 

Top Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Poised to Rally

  • Newmont Corporation (NEM)
  • Barrick Gold Corp (GOLD)
  • Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS)
  • Coeur Mining (CDE)

These mining majors with world-class assets have restructured operations and cut costs after gold and silver experienced a squeeze in 2021-2022. Now far leaner, their profits and thus share prices will skyrocket higher if metal prices launch into breakouts as forecasted. These majors are often more appealing to those leaning more on the risk-averse side of trading.  

Junior Miners Offering Major Upside Potential

More risk-tolerant investors may consider junior exploration and development miners. While riskier, juniors can deliver exponentially higher returns if major new precious metals discoveries occur. Incredibly alluring are juniors holding properties near large existing reserves for gold and silver. Examples include:

  • Golden Tag Resources
  • Silver Hammer mining
  • Bald Eagle Gold
  • Strikepoint Gold 

For those emotionally and financially equipped to stomach the volatility, buying junior miners before assay result readouts in the new year could just be the risk that pays off, discovering some lucrative new finds. 

Options Strategies to Capitalize on Metals Upswing

Beyond buying miners outright, options traders can implement strategies to profit while limiting risks if the 2024 metals bull case fails to fully materialize. Alternative conservative plays include:

  • Writing covered calls against existing miner positions
  • Buying protective puts to hedge temporary pullbacks

For aggressive speculators, tactical options might look more like:

  • Buying out-of-the-money call option leap contracts 
  • Constructing vertical call or pull debit spreads 

Key Price Levels and Catalysts to Trigger Breakout

If inflation persists and recessionary fears escalate as expected, technical charts suggest major gold and silver breakouts could commence above $2,075 and $27.5, respectively. Once technical resistance gives way, predicted safe-haven and inflation hedge inflows present an opportunity for a hyperbolic metals move.

Geopolitics like escalations between the West, Russia, and China could provide additional volatility catalysts. Additionally, positive shocks to industrial/retail precious metals demand from an improved 2024 economy would fuel metals to rocket, especially silver. While platinum and palladium are also attractive metals to look into, it is clear that gold and silver still remain the most profitable positions of all precious metals to have going into the new year.

In conclusion, the macro stars have realigned to favor precious metals, as the new year will prove they have not lost their shine. Take advantage of the opportunity to diversify against broad market turbulence and find a safe haven for your investments in 2024 through both majors and speculative juniors across precious metals. After an 18-month cooling period, the comeback kids, gold and silver, are reheating to move into 2024 red-hot. Visit Trade Ideas today to learn how to diversify your portfolio by incorporating gold and silver into your trading plan!