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I have been bragging on TI ever since my first week with it, just beyond amazing. Over the last year I know 20 folks who have signed up from a large chat room I was in just due to the trades I was able to make using TI. I will trade without charts before I will trade without TI!!


Test Drive - 02/05/2020

Barrie, Thank you so much for your patience. I have learned more from you in 2 weeks for free than I learned in 3 months paying big bucks. I appreciate you very much.


Helpscout - 07/29/2020

I LOVE your platform! This is the most amazing piece of software I have ever used. Totally customizable and incredibly powerful. There is very little I want that it doesn't already have.

The King


The King​ came here fri to ask for help on my halt scanner, you sent me a cloud link...it included a low float multi scanner....just came here to say thank you...that fkr made me $4677 today. great work guys!

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