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YouTube Subscriber

Honestly appreciate all your hard work! Watched the TI series you did and learned so much. Excited to dive into the market explorer for some setups I like. Only been trading 2 yrs but love all of it. The ups and downs, but with TI in my corner, the journey doesn’t seem as impossible. Thank you again Michael and all at TI! You all are a serious blessing to retail.

Trading Room

TI’s Trading Room run by Barrie has some very good traders in it. Has benefitted me greatly. Barrie is great as well. I have made a turn since joining that room.


Subscribed to TI yesterday. Took my first options trade based on race, ended the day with 25%. Thank you guys.

Melvin W.

Started following your chief on Twitter, but what settings are used there? He hets in the trades I want but minutes sooner than I do…


Love ⁦@TradeIdeas
⁩Sharing what is moving up or down pre market been loyal for years and forever we bonded for life software and a great CEO who engages with us all.


My first week with @tradeideas and I would have totally missed $SBFM parabolic move without it… loving it. Will post my chart later.

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