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Algorithmic Trade Selection: Early Results

March 1, 2005

When you set off to create a completely automated trading system do not assume it is going to be easy.…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection- TI “Black Box” system

February 21, 2005

UPDATE: All inquiries into our ATS Black Box trading system can begin by visiting our partner, ATrade Investment Technologies LLC:…

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Nextrend’s Lesson

February 1, 2005

Nextrend, a software and brokerage services firm, recently closed its doors. The sudden ending came as a shock to many…

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Trade Ideas LLC Annual Partners Meeting in 1 week

January 21, 2005

Place: San Diego, CA When: January 29, 2005 Things are heating up in anticipation of our annual meeting. Last year’s…

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How to Trade in the Present Moment

Written by Katie Gomez We all remember the days when we were kids; no responsibility, not a care in the…

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Life is Like a Stock Market: You Never Know What Kind of Day You’re Gonna Get

Written by the Millennial Trader Sometimes we’ve done all we can, and all that can help is a little motivation…

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Back to Basics: How traders can work smarter, not harder

Written by Katie Gomez With a recession looming, letting emotions get the best of us is normal. You might be…

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Yoga & Trading

Written by Millennial Trader Yoga and investing benefit your health in different ways. While practicing yoga can help your mental…

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The Luck of the Trade: How to survive Market March Madness

Written by Katie Gomez With St. Patrick’s day approaching, luck is becoming a buzzword. Dissecting the semantics behind what luck…

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The Stocks you need to watch in 2023 

Written by the Millennial Trader The market is already up in 2023, almost to the point of erasing last year’s…

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Investing vs. Trading: What is the best platform for you to make money?

Written by Katie Gomez Investing and trading often are used interchangeably, but the two processes are inherently different. Generally, investing…

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The Era of the Side Hustle: Learn How to Become an Affiliate

Written by The Millennial Trader Over the last decade, people have been spinning straw into gold by turning their side…

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The Ultimate Guide to Investing for Millennials: How to start building your portfolio

Written by the Millennial Trader Participating in the stock market is not for the faint of heart, but it is…

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Making Sense of Cryptocurrency: A Millennial’s Guide to Investing in Bitcoin and Beyond

Written By Katie Gomez Everyone has heard of cryptocurrency by now. In the last decade, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become…

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