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New Alert: Unusual Number of Prints

February 24, 2006

(Employee walks by a ‘Suggestions’ box, followed by a ‘Second Thoughts’ box.)We’ve said it before: when subscribers talk, we listen…

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Recap of the Traders Expo, New York City

February 23, 2006

Here are some insights from the recently concluded Traders Expo in New York City (Times Square) which took place February…

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Service Difficulties and Update

February 14, 2006

Early this morning (overnight) data delivered from the exchanges contained significant errors that affect our service today, February 14, 2006.…

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Invitation: The 1st Annual Trade-Ideas Learning Curve Seminar

February 9, 2006

UPDATE 6.19: Read our recap of the LCS – a great event! We’ll be doing it again!UPDATE 5.19: Additional speaker…

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Strategy Session: Oversold, Phoenix

February 5, 2006

“When a stock’s price gets higher than 1 standard deviation above its 50-day moving average, we consider it overbought. Stocks…

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Truer Words Were Never … Pt.2

February 3, 2006

As part of an occasional series of great approaches to trading, written by fellow traders/bloggers, here is a series we…

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Strategy Session: I saw it on the Discovery Channel

February 1, 2006

It does not hurt to learn from a few million years of evolution by watching some successful hunters at their…

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When Subscribers Talk: We Listen

January 25, 2006

And produce. Yesterday and today marked the release of a new filter and a new alert to the Trade-Ideas inventory…

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Strategy Session: 3 Ways to Get More Bang for the Buck

January 24, 2006

One of the blogs that we include in our “round-up” section of informative articles is Ticker Sense from the folks…

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Looking at the Markets with GOOG Lenses

January 22, 2006

Here is a picture of what a Google bot sees when it visits the Trade-Ideas website or any other site…

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Investing for retirement in your 20s and 30s: How to Retire Early Without Working 9 to 5

Written by Katie Gomez Every day, more and more Millennials and Gen Z individuals are choosing to forgo the traditional…

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Daily Trading Goals Are Terrible

To be successful in any performance-related activity, such as trading, goal-setting is crucial. But not just any goal—not all goals…

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Getting Over Imposter Syndrome as a Trader

Written by Katie Gomez Humans are complicated creatures. We are blessed with the urge to improve, grow, and learn, yet…

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Vacation Trading 101: How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation Without Sacrificing Your Trading Profits

Written by Katie Gomez August is a universal vacation month, especially in Europe. As a result, traders often see a…

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Evaluating Your Trading Strategy:The Importance of the Equity Curve

When determining how well a trading strategy is likely to perform in the real world, there’s no better measure than…

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Know When to Hold Them, Know When to Walk Away: Applying Poker Logic to Your Stock Portfolio

Written by Katie Gomez As traders, we aim to protect our assets and portfolios. Often, the safest way to do…

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Quality vs. Quantity: What Should Traders Focus On?

Written by Katie Gomez There are polarized views on the importance of quantity vs. quality in stock trading. Which is…

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Is there a right way to invest? How to shift your thinking when it comes to long-term investing 

Written by Katie Gomez The number-one question everyone asks is: ‘What should I invest in to make the most money?…

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Your TIPro Brokerage+ to ETrade Account Connection

We wanted to give you a heads-up about some important changes happening this weekend at our broker partner ETrade. Don’t…

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The True Impact of Partial Profits

Many traders face a dilemma when a trade quickly turns profitable: should they scale out of the trade to secure…

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