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Looking for Market Shorts?

July 5, 2005

We at Trade Ideas LLC are proud to announce a new innovation that is being released to all users of…

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Recapping the SIA Conference in NYC

June 25, 2005

We thought we’d share some of the developments that occurred at the SIA Technology Management Conference affecting Trade-Ideas. One very…

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2005 SIA Technology Management Exhibition, June 21 to 23, 2005 – Hilton New York

June 14, 2005

Our friends at Genesis Securities, who just finished integrating Trade-Ideas into their leading edge direct access trading platform (Laser), are…

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FREE presentation that you will NOT want to miss

June 13, 2005

Join DTI’s Tom Busby for a LIVE SESSION featuring TRADE-IDEAS When: Wednesday, June 15th What: Trade Ideas Presentation Time: LIVE…

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Do Trendlines Work?

June 4, 2005

A recent forum on EliteTrader sparked a very long debate on the merits of trendlines [Ed.: Click Here for Thread].…

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May 3, 2005

Trade-Ideas – a way to thin-slice the market based on Malcom Gladwell’s book Blink.We’ll have more to say when I…

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Letter to the Editor

April 24, 2005

Stocks, Futures & Options is a good magazine that covers alot of topics related to professional investing with depth. They…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection- TI “Black Box” system has improved

April 19, 2005

We took our black box system off line to adjust it so that it better reacts to volatility. After the…

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How to Find Oversold Stocks

March 2, 2005

We have had many requests for a setting that is good at finding stocks that are oversold and may be…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection: Early Results

March 1, 2005

When you set off to create a completely automated trading system do not assume it is going to be easy.…

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Maximizing your Returns through Stock Trading:  A Quick Guide 

Written by Katie Gomez Learning the market and developing your trading skills is where every trader must start. However, over…

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Understanding the Different Types of Trading Orders: How to make trading a bit easier

Written by the Millennial Trader There are plenty of variables that factor into a stock trader’s success. For example, stock…

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Stock Trading: The Road to Passive Income

Written by the Millennial Trader You might be asking if stock trading is right for you? Passive income has become…

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The Age of Uncertainty: Where is the market headed in 2023?

Written by Katie Gomez Will the stock market go up in 2023? Will my stocks recover? When is the recession…

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All that Glitters is not Gold: 3 reasons to invest in gold in 2023

Written by Katie Gomez It’s no secret that it has been a tough year for the major market averages, with…

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Maximizing Profits with AI-Powered Trading Tools 

Written by The Millennial Trader Artificial Intelligence has made a name for itself in the last 20 years; from digital…

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2023 New Year’s Resolutions for Stock Traders

Written by Katie Gomez Having tailored resolutions helps create a well-managed year. Setting sustainable goals that helps you take accountability…

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The Importance of a Solid Trading Strategy 

Written by Katie Gomez Without a solid strategy to fall back on when things get erratic and emotional, trades begin…

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A Viral Recession: How social media will impact the 2023 recession

Written by Katie Gomez As we venture into the new year, it is becoming more and more apparent that the…

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Secrets to Becoming a Successful Trader

Written by Stockdork We all understand that trading is considered a short-term procedure of buying and selling assets within short…

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