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Algorithmic Trade Selection: Early Results

March 1, 2005

When you set off to create a completely automated trading system do not assume it is going to be easy.…

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Algorithmic Trade Selection- TI “Black Box” system

February 21, 2005

UPDATE: All inquiries into our ATS Black Box trading system can begin by visiting our partner, ATrade Investment Technologies LLC:…

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Nextrend’s Lesson

February 1, 2005

Nextrend, a software and brokerage services firm, recently closed its doors. The sudden ending came as a shock to many…

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Trade Ideas LLC Annual Partners Meeting in 1 week

January 21, 2005

Place: San Diego, CA When: January 29, 2005 Things are heating up in anticipation of our annual meeting. Last year’s…

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The Future of Trading: Staying Ahead of the Market with AI

Written by Katie Gomez One of the most valuable traits a trader can have is the ability to adapt and…

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Trading Myths

Written by the Millennial Trader The trading market takes on many forms. You can trade anything from stocks, real estate,…

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Can You Get Rich From Stock Trading?

Written by Katie Gomez Trading can be a lucrative business model, but few people choose to do it because it…

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Is Swing Trading Better Than Day Trading? Tips on how to make either style work for you!

Written by The Curious Trader One of the most critical decisions a trader must make is what time-frame they want…

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The Timeless Lessons of Trading the Markets: One Movie and One Book to Help explain it All

Written by Katie Gomez The market is not easy to understand, let alone make a career that revolves around it.…

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Life After Covid: The Freedom of Being a Trader

Written by The Millennial Trader Everyone wants financial freedom, but most of us think it’s out of our reach or…

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What is Your Trading Plan?

Written by The Millennial Trader Before you do anything in life, you must have a plan to get there. You…

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Do You Want to be a Stock Trader? – A Guide for Beginner Traders

Written by Katie Gomez Imagine working in your pajamas while making decent money from the comfort of your home. Every…

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Golf & Trading

Written by The Millennial Trader If you are a golfer who dabbles in trading or a trader who likes to…

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Trading Doesn’t Have to be Complicated: The Anatomy of Real-Time Simple Trading

Written by Katie Gomez Time is something we can never get back. The time we spend investing is just as…

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