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Strategy Session: The Right Side of Yearly Highs and Lows

May 5, 2006

From Trading Quotes: “They say there are two sides to everything. But there is only one side to thestock market;…

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Truer Words Were Never … Pt.4

April 28, 2006

As part of an occasional series of great approaches to trading, written by fellow traders/bloggers, here is a series we…

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New Sample Strategies Make Their Debut

April 26, 2006

Readers of this blog and those familiar with Trade-Ideas’ capabilities as a decision support and risk management tool know that…

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Toot a Partners’ Horn

April 21, 2006

Here is some news recognizing the recent achievements of our partners. First item is the the May 2006 issue of…

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This Month’s List: Top 7 Trading Strategies

April 20, 2006

This month we again present a list of the most popular strategies Trade-Ideas subscribers either use as is or modify…

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Strategy Session: Moved Up on Lite Volume? Fade It.

April 18, 2006

A helpful article by Andy Swan on DayTradeTeam’s site got us thinking about the warning signs that go off when…

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Strategy Session: Flat is a Relative Term

April 12, 2006

Leave it to Dr. Brett Steenbarger to inspire another Strategy Session from the valuable insights on his blog, TraderFeed. Brett’s…

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CNBC Squawk Box Fantasy Portfolio Challenge

April 4, 2006

UPDATE 4/4: Looks like someone else is sponsoring a stock picking contest.Thanks to Downtown Trader for pointing this contest out.…

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Strategy Session: Find Long Term Consolidation Breakouts

March 31, 2006

We thought we’d share a more sophisticated strategy that (in a modified version) one of our hedge fund customers shared…

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Canada Exchanges Now Accessible in Trade-Ideas

March 28, 2006

The following press release will be on the wires Wednesday but we wanted to let our blog readers know about…

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Trade Ideas automatic scanner makes trading more visually appealing; Keeping your eye on the prize has never been easier

Written by Katie Gomez Many people believe there are good and bad days, boring days, and exciting days in the…

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How to make Trading more Doable: Compartmentalize your trading journey

Written by Katie Gomez We live in a generation of information overload.  We are inundated with an unlimited pool of…

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Tricks of the trade, for when things don’t go your way: How to deal with market downturns

Written by Katie Gomez If there were a song that could embody the life of a stock market investor or…

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Learning to invest with confidence: Proven strategies to help beat the stock market

Written by Katie Gomez Confidence is something that can take a while for investors and traders to build. The stock…

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Don’t Chase the High, Wait for the Pullbacks

Written By Katie Gomez New traders can be seduced by the adrenaline rush and glamor of winning the game. However…

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How Traders Can Use RSI to Discover New Opportunities

By Katie Gomez The best traders know never to judge a trade based on first appearances because there is usually…

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How to let your Winners Run

Written by Katie Gomez As a trader, you have probably heard the phrase, “let your winners run,” or some iteration…

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Why Millennials & GenZ should start trading

Written by Katie Gomez Many young stock traders get into the world of trading because they see making money doesn’t…

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The Generational Gap in Stock Trading

Written by Katie Gomez The divide between younger and older generations is more apparent than ever in the world of…

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The Importance of a Trader’s Emotional Intelligence: How You Can Improve Your EQ 

Written by Katie Gomez Trading isn’t just about managing money, it’s also about dealing with emotions. A day trader’s mind…

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