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Improved and New Alerts Added to Trade-Ideas

November 8, 2005

Time to deliver on several suggestions requested by customers who took the time to give us valuable feedback. Announcing Improved…

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Strategy Session: Predicting Strong Closes

October 27, 2005

While recently reading The Kirk Report I came across Dr. Brett Steenbarger’s latest article on, “Here’s a way to…

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Strategy Session: Next Level Tape Reading

October 25, 2005

DefinitionTape reading is the technique used by “seasoned” professional traders to get a feel for the market. The idea is…

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Block Traders – A Spur to Action

October 19, 2005

The Block Trading services like POSIT and Liquidnet seek to minimize the market impact of their clients’ (i.e., portfolio managers’)…

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Strategy Session: Breaking Consolidations – Be There

October 18, 2005

Since we just announced the addition of 4 new filters (Ed.: see yesterday’s blog entry), it is appropriate to create…

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New Long Daily Consolidation Filters Added

October 17, 2005

New Service Innovation Announcement Today we added 4 new filters suggested by several user groups. They come in 2 pairs.…

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Strategy Session: Fading an Up Move

October 16, 2005

We have all been there on some days. Days where no matter what you try to do, everything seems to…

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Beating Wall Street’s Algorithms Part 2: How To

October 12, 2005

Is “Reaching Liquidity” causing you to ‘get wet’?For Institutional Traders and Hedge Funds Often people get very excited about the…

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Strategy Session: in Play en Fuego

October 11, 2005

Find the stocks that are in “Play” right now!We’ve got another set-up not found in our Proven Strategies or Samples…

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Strategy Session: Volatility Divergence

October 10, 2005

We’ve got another set-up not found in our Proven Strategies or Samples section that comes to us from a strong…

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Trading Doesn’t Have to be Complicated: The Anatomy of Real-Time Simple Trading

Written by Katie Gomez Time is something we can never get back. The time we spend investing is just as…

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10 Ways to Free Up Money for Trading When You’re on a Budget

Contributing Author, Isabelle Agerton The best trading advice in the world does little for people without money or who have…

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The 5 Truths of Stock Trading

Written by Katie Gomez The stock market has evolved since the 18th century, so it will serve you well to…

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Stock Trading: The Next Generation

Written by Katie Gomez It’s becoming clear to the millennial generation that they need to take control of their financial…

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The Stock Race “Ah Hah” Moment

Written by Marissa Goodbody, July 22, 2022 Trade Ideas Stock Races are the new way to see real-time stock movements…

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Stock Races: A New Way to Visualize Data in Real-time

Written by Katie Gomez, July 18th 2022 The stock market is alive and ever-changing—there is never a stagnant piece of…

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Brad Mullins recommends Trade Ideas for Active Day Traders!

Brad Mullins says Trade Ideas is “top tier” for day traders! He likes to watch active moving stocks showing momentum…

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Steve Gomez

Why Keeping It Simple May Be the Best Strategy

Steve Gomez is a market trader with over 25 years of experience who has mentored hundreds of domestic and foreign…

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The Worst Mistake a Stock Trader Can Make

Written by Katie Gomez What to know BEFORE you put your money where your mouth is: Did the rush of…

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Ashek Hossain Likes Our Top Reversal Scanner

Ashek Hossain resides in Los Angeles and obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University. In 2018, he quit his entertainment job…

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