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Stock Races: A New Way to Visualize Data in Real-time

Written by Katie Gomez, July 18th 2022 The stock market is alive and ever-changing—there is never a stagnant piece of…

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Brad Mullins recommends Trade Ideas for Active Day Traders!

Brad Mullins says Trade Ideas is “top tier” for day traders! He likes to watch active moving stocks showing momentum…

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Steve Gomez

Why Keeping It Simple May Be the Best Strategy

Steve Gomez is a market trader with over 25 years of experience who has mentored hundreds of domestic and foreign…

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The Worst Mistake a Stock Trader Can Make

Written by Katie Gomez What to know BEFORE you put your money where your mouth is: Did the rush of…

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Ashek Hossain Likes Our Top Reversal Scanner

Ashek Hossain resides in Los Angeles and obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University. In 2018, he quit his entertainment job…

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Making Friends on TraderTV

Brendan excited about CGC showing up on the volume alert list!

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Trade Ideas supports its users!

Jane Gallina has used Trade Ideas in her trading routine for many years. She has spoken at several of our…

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Trade Ideas gives financial freedom!

People are talking about Trade Ideas! We continue to WOW customers and Affiliates whether it’s from our gap scanner, momentum…

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Customers can’t say enough good things!

People love Trade Ideas for so many reasons! Financial freedom and the freedom to work anywhere is the icing on…

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Joe from Florida is loving Trade Ideas!

While Joe is running his photography business, Brokerage Plus is working away and making Joe A LOT of money! In…

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4 Key Risk Management Factors When Day Trading

October 18, 2023

Written by Shane Neagle Can traders really navigate the unpredictable waters of day trading and come out ahead? Absolutely, and…

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Micron Drops After Forecasting Wider Than Expected Loss

September 29, 2023

Written by Guest Contributor, Shane Neagle While Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) reported adjusted revenue for its fourth fiscal quarter that…

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Daily "What Makes This Trade Great"

#VVOS – What Makes This Trade Great!!

November 29, 2023

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#Taking A Stock Both Ways: The Incredible Potential of Dual Directional Trading

November 28, 2023

Hey there, this is Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas bringing an exciting edition of “What Makes This Trade Great”. Today,…

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Understanding Stock Market Rumors: A Case of iRobot (IRBT) and Amazon

November 27, 2023

Hello everyone, I am Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas, and welcome to today’s edition of “What Makes This Stock Great.”…

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A Remarkable Black Friday Trade: The Story of SPRC

November 24, 2023

Hello, folks! This is Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas. Welcome to a special Black Friday edition of our blog series,…

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What Makes This MRAI Trade Great: Exploring AI in Stock Trading

November 22, 2023

Hello everybody! Barrie Einarson here, and welcome to another exciting edition of “What Makes This Trade Great” your favorite blog…

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A Deep Dive into the Shot Stock: An Unusual Liquidity Opportunity

November 21, 2023

Hello everyone, this is Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas, and welcome to today’s edition of ‘What Makes This Trade Great’.…

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Harnessing the Allure of Investment in Argentinian Stocks

November 20, 2023

Hello there, Barrie Einarson here from Trade Ideas casting a spotlight on the fascinating dynamics of the stock market. In…

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Unveiling Trading Secrets: Making the Most of AI Alerts

November 17, 2023

Welcome traders and AI enthusiasts! Today’s edition of Trade Ideas: Making the Best Trades is loaded with insights poised to…

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What Makes this Trade Great: A Deep Dive into SGD

November 16, 2023

Hello there, it’s your good old buddy Barrie Einarson from Trade Ideas back with another insight-filled episode of “What Makes…

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Trading Insights: A Closer Look at Duolingo

November 15, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to our latest blog post in the series ‘What makes this trade great’. Today, we’re going…

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