New Version Getting warmer

As many of you already know we are working on a completely new version of Trade Ideas Pro. What did we do differently this time? Ok the first thing is this, we took the evolution approach versus the revolution. It means that at first glance you should not find the new...

Social and Quant a New Business Model

CEP stands for Complex Event Processing. If you want to read up on it here is the link from WikipediaThe bottom line is that to have an edge you need to be able to process many things at once.There is a problem with the CEP acronym. The problem is the...

New Widgets place Stock Scanner on your site and blog

Trade-Ideas Stock Market Scanning goes to the Cloud!Trade Ideas is giving you the ability to tap our cloud computing servers and place a stock scanning widget right on your web site or blog. The widget, which is free works with delayed data but it will make your...

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Free Powerful Tools for Profits

One can get very powerful stock picking information for free from the Trade-Ideas web site. Would you like to know which stocks have at least doubled in the last 20 days? This is easy to do. Take a look at our screen and see how easy it is to find the answer to this...

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