Next Generation Tools from Nasdaq and Trade-Ideas Partnership

There comes a time once in a while when a real deal changer in terms of technology for traders comes to the market. This was the case with Level 2 data and SOES and SelectNet in the early nineties. That time is almost upon us again. Specifically what we are talking...

New Version 3.0.17 is out

New Trade Ideas Pro Beta version 3.0.17 is out. This version gives you more ability to add special columns to our top lists. In addition there is improved speed and stability. Plus the graphical indicators are getting pretty cool :-) If you have questions about the...

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner adding functionality at breakneck speed

For those of you who follow our What’s New section you probably notice that we have been adding a lot of functionality in the last few days. Recently added features now include: 1-2-3 continuation buy and sell signalsMACD signal line and zero line crossesADX and...

Stock Alerts and Filters Help You Read The Market

Stock alerts can help you see where real opportunities are hiding. It is easy to be scared when you see the market going down over 200 points two days in a row. However, even on days like yesterday and the day before there are pockets of strength that a good trader...

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