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Profit from Proven Strategies

  1. Pick the strategy that best fits your trading style from the list below.
  2. Press the "Start" hyperlink next to a strategy to start the alerts software.
Video Help
Start from ScratchStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Climactic Up Move (5min)StartConfigureHistoryHelp
Climactic Down Move (5min)StartConfigureHistoryHelp
Social Networks in ActionStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Turbo BreaksStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Up 3% or More Reporting Earnings TodayStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Down 3% Or More Reporting Earnings TodayStartConfigureHistoryHelp
High Volume Moving Average BreakoutsStartConfigureHistoryHelp
See it Before the Breaking NewsStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Up Big in Pre MarketStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Down Big in Pre MarketStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Highs and Lows with Volume SurgeStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Under $20, Moving Up FastStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Down Big Yesterday but Up Big TodayStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Bottoms - Pattern RecognitionStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Tops - Pattern RecognitionStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Up 50 cents in Last 5 Minutes with Volume SpikeStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Rallying off of the BottomStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Yearly HighsStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Bullish Candlestick PatternsStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Bearish Candlestick PatternsStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Overbought Based on RSI Above 70 on Daily and 15 Minute ChartStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Oversold Based on RSI Below 30 on Daily and 15 Minute ChartStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Stocks Up 5 Days in a Row StartConfigureHistoryHelp
Stocks Down 5 Days in a RowStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Up Big in Post MarketStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Up Big Yesterday but Down Big TodayStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Showing WeaknessStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Down Big in Post MarketStartConfigureHistoryHelp
Sell Up Trend Hold 3 Days 56.7.9 % Success Rate Profit Factor 2.97StartConfigureHistoryHelp
Short Overextended Up Move- Hold for 45 Minutes67.7% SuccessStartConfigureHistoryHelp

You can click the "Configure" link at any time to see the settings for a window, and customize the window to make it match your trading style better. You can click the "History" link to see which stocks met that criteria.

In other versions of our software these items are available in the config window.

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