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Turbo Breaks


This window was made by our Director of Client Education Jamie Hodge. Jamie has over 16 years experience as a professional trader and built this simple but very powerful strategy to help our users feel the tape as well as spot meaningful opportunities as they take place. He combines volume and today's highs and lows to find moves that all traders need to see.



"Turbo Breaks" New high Min Price=5 ($) Max Distance from Inside Market=0.2 (%) Min Average Daily Volume (10D)=500,000 (Shares / Day) Min Volume 1 Minute=300 (%)

General Information

Click one of the links above to start using the Turbo Breaks alert window.  If you are a paying customer, you will see all the alerts.  Otherwise, you will see only a limited sample, and the window will have a hyperlink to help you sign up.

Remember, Turbo Breaks is just a starting point.  You can click the "Configure" link to customize it to your needs.  Or click here for additional trading strategies.  Or ask us if you need a custom setup.

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