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Climactic Up Move (5min)


This strategy is looking for a sudden and strong move upward above the 20 period 5 minute moving average. The best way to visualize these alerts are on a 5 minute candle chart.



"Climactic Up Move (5min)" 5 minute high 5 minute wide range bar 15 minute wide range bar Min Consecutive Candles=2 (5 minute candles) Min Change 15 Minute=1.25 (%) Min Change from 20 Period SMA (5m)=1.25 (%)

General Information

Click one of the links above to start using the Climactic Up Move (5min) alert window.  If you are a paying customer, you will see all the alerts.  Otherwise, you will see only a limited sample, and the window will have a hyperlink to help you sign up.

Remember, Climactic Up Move (5min) is just a starting point.  You can click the "Configure" link to customize it to your needs.  Or click here for additional trading strategies.  Or ask us if you need a custom setup.

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