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Showing Weakness


For those that don’t want to chase a stock down and like to pick their spots in playing the downside, this window looks to show you stock that may be getting ready to turn down.  This window looks for the beginning of the next down move by using our pattern recognition algorithms that spot tops and also look for sellers coming into a stock.



"Stocks Showing Weakness (Look for Moves Lower from Here)" % down for the day Standard deviation breakdown Crossed daily lows support Large ask size Sector breakdown (from open) Negative market divergence Running down now; Filter=.25 ($) Gap up reversal False gap down retracement 15 minute consolidation breakdown 30 minute consolidation breakdown Crossed below support Rectangle top; Filter=2 (Hours of trading) Double top; Filter=2 (Hours of trading) Head and shoulders; Filter=2 (Hours of trading) Downward thrust (5 minute) Downward thrust (15 minute) Min Price=20 ($) Max Spread=10 (Pennies) Min Average Daily Volume (10D)=100,000 (Shares / Day) Max Change from the Close=-0.1 ($)

General Information

Click one of the links above to start using the Showing Weakness alert window.  If you are a paying customer, you will see all the alerts.  Otherwise, you will see only a limited sample, and the window will have a hyperlink to help you sign up.

Remember, Showing Weakness is just a starting point.  You can click the "Configure" link to customize it to your needs.  Or click here for additional trading strategies.  Or ask us if you need a custom setup.

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