Trading Doesn’t Have to be Complicated: The Anatomy of Real-Time Simple Trading

Trading Doesn’t Have to be Complicated: The Anatomy of Real-Time Simple Trading

Written by Katie Gomez

Time is something we can never get back. The time we spend investing is just as valuable as the money we are trying to make. It just seems like there are so many obstacles in our way in making the process of investing easier overall. Trade Ideas has been looking for ways this past year to gamify data and make it more aesthetically pleasing so that traders can see how trading stocks and investing can be done more efficiently. Our company is helping traders move into the future more easily than before by trading directly on charts instead of typing in the orders. Moving from your scanner to your brokerage app wastes time, and time is something traders and investors can’t afford to lose. Time matters in the stock market, and this is why Trade Ideas is streamlining your workflow. Imagine placing your trades and setting your stops directly from the chart.

Another time and money saver is preparation and practice. Our Brokerage Plus module has a  live trading simulator where you can test out your strategies without risking money. Simulators are your friend in trading because paper trading is the most time efficient way to learn. 

And when you’ve prepared, connect your online broker to Brokerage Plus, manage your positions and trade directly from within Trade Ideas. You can then buy and sell directly from your chart, saving you from navigating to your brokerage app to place the trade. You can also manage risk by placing or adjusting your stops from right in the chart. All you have to do is click on the stock chart and visually drag your stop to the desired price. 

To see these features in action, just check some of the recent posts on the official Trade Ideas Twitter (@TradeIdeas). We demonstrate the value of visual trading on the charts, using the Stock Races to find the real movers, and more tips. 

Our new Stock Race visualization window helps you find what stocks you might be looking for more efficiently, and once you find them, we help you manage your trades inside the chart. This tool is especially helpful if the market has moved against your usual style, and you need a new way to find opportunities beyond the usual popular FANG stocks. While those trendy stocks may remain consistent, there are always new and diverse stocks beating them out in the race. 

If you are interested in learning more about our stock race feature, click here: 

If you are over wasting time with unnecessary clicks and ready to up-level your investment game, then it’s time to invest in the Trade-Ideas standard subscription today. This subscription includes our new stock races in real-time (replacing Top Lists) and access to brokerage plus to save your time and well-deserved patience.