Stock Trading: The Next Generation

Stock Trading: The Next Generation

Written by Katie Gomez

It’s becoming clear to the millennial generation that they need to take control of their financial future. Though when it comes to stock trading, they have to deal with a few handicaps—including a lack of experience. They also have to do it in a way that makes sense to their generation, or they will lose interest or motivation. Millennials enjoy things that are quick, entertaining, aesthetic, and worth their time and energy. Until recently, the stock market has seemed esoteric, favoring older generations. Trade Ideas’ new innovations will change the future of the way stock market data is analyzed, and make it more appealing to the eye of the millennial. 

Since the 80s, top lists have been the usual way to provide pertinent information to a stock trader, but they are not enjoyable to look at or easy to use to find specific data. Millennials and Gen Z were both born with technology at their disposal, so their ability to create new business models is apparent in this new era of technology. They are also skilled in navigating social media platforms due to their ability to analyze, learn, and adapt accordingly. Their attention span and commitment may not match those of an older generation stock trader, such as Gen X, but their innovation and adept minds make up for it in the end. 

In the late 90s, the new feature that was all the rage was Level 2—a graphical tool used by stock traders to gamify market data. The minds of the younger generation need tools like that to see their stocks perform in real-time to thrive as a trader; that is where the new stock races come into play.

Our stock races could be considered the new Level 2 for the 21st century. The gamification of data is beginning to draw in a new generation of traders. Millennials are much more comfortable with it, given the majority of them grew up with technology by their side. Unlike Level 2, the stock races are much easier to understand and more time and energy efficient than any other visualization tool on the market right now. How these races gamify data demonstrates the new edge forming in the previously dogmatic world of stock trading.

Although millennials learn to adapt quickly, the younger the person, the shorter their attention span. These individuals grew up learning anything they wanted to do at the moment with the press of a button, so it is safe to say that reading charts and scrolling through endless numbers is not something they would probably entertain for long. Our stock racing is the way to keep the newer trader entertained while also distributing knowledge with the same click of a button. Gamification of data makes sense to the younger generation because it is familiar to them, making them eager to invest more of their time. It is not an easy task to persuade a millennial or member of Gen Z through a promise of the result alone. You must show them the process and let them decide. You can lead them to the water, but you cannot make them drink. 

These are the generations that started the gig-economy, quitting the rat race of the 9 to 5. From social media coordinators to content creators to freelance writers and photographers, the new generations have brought forth self-starting entrepreneurs who took the road not traveled. Their mindsets can change the world of stock trading entirely, creating new ideas and carving new paths to follow. These creative, innovative minds may have a reputation for being flaky or lazy, as they are always trying to avoid the traditional route. However, I see them as individuals who choose to tune out the outdated beliefs about how to make a living passed down by their parents or grandparents.

Everyone must adapt with an open mind as we move into this next decade of innovation. Younger fluid minds will help improve the world of stock trading in ways that the older may not be able to. Social media, digital marketing, aesthetic entries, and the gamification of data are the future of stock trading for Millenials. 

So to all the Millennials or even Gen Z out there looking for their next challenge, it is time to join the stock trader nation. It is time to take control of your financial future because you cannot trust someone else to do it for you. The time is never better to dive in because this is an exciting new era of change. The stock races are just one example of bringing data to life in real-time, changing the future of stock trading. If you want to join this new generation of traders, there is no better time than the present. So strike while the iron is hot, and your interest is peaked with Trade Ideas today.  

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