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How To Use Strength Alerts

What is TI Strength:

Focusing on relative strength. At trade-ideas we took a look at the top indicators and chart setups that hedge funds and traders commonly look at.

We then assigned values to each of these indicators and chart steps weighted by using statistical analysis with each one.

Using the massive server tech that trade-ideas has on the backend we are able to evaluate every stock in the market using these weights and then sort them based on which achieved the highest score. 

What is and why focus on relative strength?

Relative strength is the study of a security's performance compared with other securities. Searching for stocks that are performing best and have the highest amount of money flowing in at that time.

Relative strength is one of the most studied forms of financial analysis that is out there and using the right methods its been proven over and over to help with performance.

At its core is a study of money flow. We have noticed from our testing that this allows you to ignore stocks where the money is flowing out of and on stocks where the money is flowing in. 

------see examples in the video of what “strong” stocks look like-----

How to use TI Strength:

Each Monday you will be sent the top 5 ranked stocks in the TI-Strength index along with some technical and fundamental analysis done for you. 

Although we cannot recommend how to trade we can say that our model portfolio’s performance is based on holding those top 5 stocks equally until the close of next Monday and then rotating into the new 5 stocks the next week. 

We recommend that every trade be accompanied by a Stop Loss to prevent large and uncontrollable losses. Where to place Stop Losses are subjective and based on one's risk tolerance, time frame and share size.

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