8 bit video games, 64 bit servers, and How to Count to Infinity

These technical terms have made their way into popular culture.  Let’s make sure everyone knows what they mean. What is a Bit? A bit is a single 0 or 1.  You can string these together to make bigger numbers. 8 bits is enough to count from 0 to 255.  Or from -128 to...

Simple Effective Shell Scripting

Shell scripting can be wonderful.  Microsoft is in the news for adding Linux shell scripting to Windows 10.  In honor of that, let’s take a look at Linux shell scripts in action. I’m not talking about those huge, completely unreadable scripts that we’ve all run...
How to Make C++ Code Run 90x Faster

How to Make C++ Code Run 90x Faster

I’m always concerned with performance.  I’m always looking for the best of what’s out there.  I recently saw a youtube video where Bjarne Stroustrup compared two data structures.  The one that seemed like it should have been faster was almost 100x...

How to Make a Server More Reliable

There are lots of things you have to do to make your server reliable.  As I think about the real problems I encounter on a regular basis, two solutions seem more important than the rest. The first change has been happening all around us.  If you’re not building...

Making Servers Fast AND Powerful

I read a lot about how other people create their servers.  Sometimes people ask what makes our servers so fast and so powerful.  I love our technology, but I don’t always have the words to describe it.  So I read what other people have written. I found this...

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