The Technology That Drives Trade-Ideas

The Technology That Drives Trade-Ideas

I’ve been proud of our servers at Trade-Ideas from the beginning.  But I never discussed them much because the technology was so esoteric.  Now that I see some of our core ideals gaining wider acceptance, I think it’s worth sharing our...

Style Meets Science and You Win

Style Meets Science as Bulls on Wall St. taps Trade Ideas Technology Allow me to be blunt. You simply can’t win. At least not the way you are doing it now. You’re not John Henry, not even close. The machine drilling you in the rear is...

Trade-Ideas in Your Town: NYC!

Fresh from the west coast, it’s off to the east coast. NYC.It will be a busy week with travel, meetings, and the TD AMERITRADE ApexLIVE event taking place at the Marriott Marquis on Tuesday (tomorrow).I’ve already met with the folks at Minyanville and...



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