Download the Newest Trade Ideas Pro AI

Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner is a downloadable, MS Windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer. The Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner offers faster access to the array of statistic analysis servers in the Trade Ideas data center.

Download the latest production version of  Trade Ideas Pro AI, Version 4.2.46

System Requirements
  • Windows 7
  • 32 bit system bus
  • 1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 4 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 8 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 16 Gigs of RAM

Optional Trade Ideas AI 64-bit beta version
(Version 4.2.46) –

If you need the 32-bit version
(Version 4.2.46) – Download

This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

Changes in 4.2.46 since 4.2.5:

  • Renamed application to Trade-Ideas Pro AI.

  • The default download is now a 64-bit build. A 32-bit build is also available.  The 32-bit version of 4.x will be automatically uninstalled during the installation.  You will need to re-enter your user settings when upgrading from Trade Ideas Pro to Trade Ideas Pro AI.

  • Premium subscriptions have a maximum of 20 charts.  Standard subscriptions still only gets a maximum of 10.

  • Fix “out of memory” exceptions associated with the WebLink and Options windows.

  • Added logic to catch and correct corrupt user settings file at startup.

  • Minor changes in the Alert and Multi-Strategy History context menu.  Now history menu items behave like radio buttons where only one menu item can be checked at a time. Now menu items are renamed differently during weekends and at the start of the trading week. Also added an “All” history item which perform a history request to get all history results.

  • Improved code in multiple windows to reduce exceptions due to “collection changed” and “index out of range”.

Updated the AI Strategies and Strategy Trades windows as follows:
  • Added a filtered trade count to the title of the AI Strategies window.

  • Renamed columns “Profit Percent” to “Risk Off Profit Percent” and “Time Stop” to “Timed Exit” in the Strategy Trades window.

  • Added coloring on last price that takes into account the TRADE_ZONE parameter.

  • Added icons to Exit Reason fields.

  • Fixed bug that was not allowing the Profit Save icon(s) to show properly.

  • Add context menus to the AI Strategies window grid to open predefined Strategy Trades Open and Strategy Trade Closed windows.  New default windows saved in Shared Default Files folder.

  • Improved grid formatting.

  • Fixed bug that caused Risk On and Risk Off charts to be SLIGHTLY different in the AI Strategies window.

  • Fixed an unhandled exception “Sequence contains no elements” associated with the AI Strategy Trades window.

  • Fixed surfing row highlighting in the AI Strategy Trades window.

  • Change “Closed” in Strategy Trades window title to “Risk Off Closed”.

  • Fixed an unhandled exception “Sequence contains no elements” associated with the AI Strategy Trades window.

  • Added support to get today’s AI trades history in the Strategy Trades window.  Now today’s AI trades history is available after the close of the market.

  • Updated the default Open and Closed AI Strategy Trades window files.

  • Added Segments chooser to the context menu in the the AI Strategies window.  This allows the selection of three sets of strategies. Currently they are called Holly Grail, Holly 2.0, and Holly Neo.  The segment name is now added to the title bar of the AI Strategies window.

  • The best of Risk On or Risk Off is selected automatically after changing the segments in the AI Strategies window.

  • Renamed column “Risk Off Exit” back to “Exit Reason” in the Strategy Trades window.

  • Eliminate a rare exception in the AI Strategy Trade windows.

Made the following updates to the Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus:
  • Rename “Trade-Ideas Brokerage Plus to “Brokerage Plus”.

  • Fixed bug in trading strategy where the time stop was one day off.

  • Fixed bug where a number less than the Time Stop Exit Days track bar could be used.

  • Enable the Trailing Stop orders.

  • Changed Exit Reason label to Risk Off Exit.

  • Time stops are working properly again.

  • Added support for “My Holdings” special symbol list.

  • Orders now have the OutsideRth set to true to allow execution in pre/post market.

  • Trailing stop orders now work properly – price is set to a price difference rather than the starting price.

  • New executions are now added to the My Holdings special symbol list.

  • Changed exit orders from single item to List<TradeOrder> on each exit type.

  • Fixed connection issue that would prevent IB gateway connection from occurring.

  • Added option to use SENT or FILLED orders for the order throttle in a trading strategy.

  • Added entry stop and entry stop limit order types.

  • Fixed bug in GetOcaGroups which would cause different OCA groups to be used for exit orders assigned via the context menu.

  • Hiding Advanced Exits options unless you are in development mode.

  • Fixed bug where closing a position would leave an exit order uncancelled.

  • Fixed bug where the Brokerage Plus window would not become visible when a default layout file was not available.

  • Never replace the current Brokerage Plus instance when loading a layout or window with a Brokerage Plus window.

  • Hide the “Advanced Exits Enabled” and “Advanced Exit Enabled” columns in the Strategies and Positions grids.

  • Fixed cancel bug where exit orders would get immediately canceled in Brokerage Plus.

  • Fixed rare exception in the P&L chart in Brokerage Plus.

  • Added Save Strategy as Default menu item to the Strategies grid context menu in  Brokerage Plus. The default strategy will be loaded when the user creates a new Trade Strategy.

  • Positions grids now are saved correctly to a layout.

  • Fixed a bug that can cause TIPro to freeze after changing the font when the Brokerage Plus window with the position grid was open.

  • Fixed a threading issue with AuthorizationsCode.

  • Position grid controls will honor application font changes.

  • Remove the standard context menu for the textBox controls of the Order Entry control.

  • Fixed image scaling size for context menus for several windows.

  • Removed the alerts started column from being visible in the Strategies tab in Brokerage Plus.

  • Fix a rare exception related to threading in the Positions grid.

Made the following updates to the Charts window:
  • Added a “Heart” feature in the Chart windows.  Click on the heart icon in the upper left-hand corner to add and remove symbol to/from the “my Liked” symbol list.

  • Added Indicators to the chart windows.  Users can add Average Volume, EMA, RSI, SMA, Volume, and VWAP to new chart areas or in existing chart areas.

  • New status line is displayed at the top of the main chart area.

  • Avoid overflow exception while chart is minimized and is surfing.

  • Fixed bug where the status line was not cleared after a new symbol was entered via symbol linking.

  • Apply transparency to the trade loss and trade profit background colors.

  • Fixed jumping bug due to status line clearing and then quickly setting its normal height again when changing symbols.

  • Fixed bug in chart area mins and maxes with small number of bars.

  • Fixed _updateTimer in Charts to only reset when it receives an update.

  • Added arrow at bottom right of chart when in historical mode.  Clicking it gets you to current time view.

  • Fixed stack overflow exceptions when loading specific Holly symbols.

  • Chart area resizer annotations now change from transparent to gray when hovering.

  • Fixed bug where top list price would make the last price annotation jump around in a confusing way.

  • Now only adjust last price annotation when pre/post not displaying and received data is from pre/post.

  • Hovering over the heart when a symbol is liked now shows solid red heart.

  • Applied changes that should improve stability.

  • Fix current price on the daily chart during the premarket and postmarket.

  • Fixed bug where top list request for last price could continue after a chart is closed down.

  • Fixed bug where a 50 period SMA would be cutoff and not continue all the way to the left hand side of the chart.

  • Fixed hidden exception when there are not enough bars to show a longer term indicator.  This caused the chart to stop responding after showing historical data.

  • Fixed a bug where the chart area under the main chart area had an extra grid line.

  • Added Swing Exit to the daily charts.

  • Now charts will display data starting around 7 AM Eastern.

  • Fixed bug where limit alert pin icon would show up on a non-main chart area in a chart.

  • Fix the exception “A chart element with the name already exists” when creating new chart areas in a chart.

  • When creating a new indicator, the window will scroll so that the new indicator is visible.

  • Top List titles and the Top List DateTimePicker will display military time when military time display is selected in the Options window.

  • The external linking window no longer opens automatically after clicking on a symbol  when there are no active external links or no symbol linking enabled windows.

  • The Send To External link context menu will open the external link window relative to the Alert, Top List, or MS windows if there are no active external links or no defined external links.

  • The Send To External link context menu will open the external link window relative to the Alert, Top List, or Multi-Strategy windows if there are no active external links or no defined external links.

  • Pass the custom column colors to Alert windows created via the Multi-Strategy window.

  • Added logic to catch exceptions when trying to open the Options window from the main toolbar menu.

  • Fix bug with the upgrade information in the Options form showing as unknown and the upgrade button disabled.

  • Appended to the product name label if it is a 32-bit or 64-bit build in the About window.

  • Improve saving and loading compatibility of windows or layouts containing AI Strategy Trades windows between the web and desktop versions.

  • Fix “Index was outside the bounds of the array” exception when a user’s local time separator was something other that “:” (e.g. “.” for Norwegian).

  • Fix KeyNotFoundExceptions associated with grid row data handling.

  • Change “Comm” to “Comm/Trade” and “Slippage” to Comm/Share” in the plot legend in the OddsMaker Results form.

  • Change “Commission” to “Commission/Trade” and “Slippage” to “Commission/Share” in the labels of the OddsMaker Results form.

  • Fix bug when user closes the application via the taskbar “Close all windows in this display”.  Causing the default saved layout to contain only a zero size toolbar window.

  • Improved sound actions defaults. Also the sound file text box allows the user to read and copy the sound file location information.

  • Replace “Use My Favorites” with “Use All Available Columns” in the Columns In Results section of the Advanced tab in the Configure OddsMaker window.

  • Made a change to symbol linking to properly handle symbols like “BF.B” in IB and IB paper trading external links.

  • WebLink windows now allow keyboard entries in the browser window.

  • Increased the width of the input text boxes in the WebLink window.

  • Updated the initial default layout file; it now opens the Welcome window.

  • Changed pinned state to false for the Price Alerts default window.

  • Fix “key was not present in the dictionary” exceptions in the windows containing grid data.

  • Added a new menu item under Windows called “Close All Pinned” in the main toolbar.

  • Fixed bug where the previous streaming alert speed was not restored after sorting the data in an Alert window.

  • Changed how IB connection refused messages are handled during external linking.  The first message window indicates that TWS may not be opened but now this only appears once.  The second message window indicates that the external link to TWS has been disabled. The above messages applies to external linking to TWS manually by user and by linking via Idea Surfing.

  • Fix bug where the selected font size was not set correctly in the comboBox in the Options window.

  • Users with the standard subscription get up to 500 price alerts same as the premium subscription.

  • New channel bar has improved AI channels images showing the number of current trades, profit, and the profit loss plot for each of the AI segments

  • Improve the Channel Bar by removing the dependence of the .NET system browser.

  • Fixed text-to-speech sound action in Alert windows.

  • Fix bug where the text-to-speech radio button was not initialized as selected in the Sound Setup window.

  • Fix bug where the history setting of the History Time Frame window from one alert window was used in another alert window.

  • The symbol translation rules for Reuters and MegaStock are update to support the OQX and QQB exchanges.

Download the newest public Trade Ideas Pro AI Beta (64-bit)

System Requirements
  • Windows 7
  • 32 bit system bus
  • 1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 4 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 8 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 16 Gigs of RAM

Optional Trade Ideas AI 64-bit beta version (Version 4.2.54) – Download

If you need the 32-bit version
(Version 4.2.54) – Download

This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

Release notes for beta 4.2.54:

Changes in 4.2.54 since 4.2.46:

  • Made the following updates to the Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus:
    • Added context menu items for IB trading of AI trades from the AI Strategy Trades windows.

    • Time in force setting for entry orders now uses UTC instead of local time like the time stop orders in Brokerage Plus.

    • Fixed bug where the exit orders were being adjusted incorrectly results in position reversals instead of proper exits.

    • Fixed bug where the entry order would have Good Until Date but Time In Force wasn’t Good Until Date when entry order was a market order

  • Now “Group and Sort By” and “Don’t Repeat” features are mutually exclusive in Alert Windows.
  • When the user changes the AI segment in the AI Strategies window, clear the Profit/Loss chart, Risk On/Off labels and set profits to zero as we clear and reload the new AI segment strategies.
  • Correct threading issues between the Welcome Screen and Channel Bar windows.
  • Fixed the URL for a new channel bar that is saved in a layout.
  • Welcome Screen now has the “W” icon.
  • Improved re-establishing external linking with Trader Workstation.
  • Fix AnnotationCollection exceptions in the OddsMaker Results windows.
  • Users without a local default layout will now load a layout from the server.
  • Updated to the latest IB API 9.73. This applies to External Linking and Brokerage Plus.
  • Added the user channel bar section to the channel bar window. Users can create up to 5 user channels that will load a specific cloud link. The user can customize the image and channel name. User custom channels are saved to the server. Only one active image channel is set between the user and web channels.
  • Updated the AI channel images to include the total trade and total open trades. Additionally, under the Profit & Loss image is the Risk On/Off state displayed in a text label with green/pink background colors.
  • Fixed a bug where the channel bar window would display empty user channels images when loading the local default layout at the start of TIPro.


Known Issues in this build:

  • Volume charts may not be accurate.
  • Indicators plots may display incorrectly after showing history and then returning to live chart data.
  • Tracking down a potential issue that may cause the real-time server to differ from the historical server. The problem manifests itself by not always displaying a real-time event. When viewed later in history, the event appears.

TI Pro is also available for the web.