Download the Newest Trade Ideas Pro AI

Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner is a downloadable, MS Windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer. The Trade Ideas Pro AI stock scanner offers faster access to the array of statistic analysis servers in the Trade Ideas data center.

Download the latest production version of  Trade Ideas Pro AI, Version 4.2.65

System Requirements
  • Windows 7
  • 32 bit system bus
  • 1.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 4 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.0 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 8 Gigs of RAM


  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit system bus
  • 2.5 GHZ CPU (dual or quad core)
  • 16 Gigs of RAM

Trade Ideas AI 64-bit version
(Version 4.2.65) –

If you need the 32-bit version
(Version 4.2.65) – Download

This includes some new features which may need additional testing and some improvements to their appearance.

Release notes for production 4.2.65:

Changes in 4.2.65 since 4.2.61:

  • When we are displaying AI history data both the filter and strategy combo boxes should be disabled. Both combo boxes should be enabled once real time is selected.
  • Fix issues with displaying time and date in data grids due to regional formatting. This will fix a bug where due to regional and time settings would cause the alert history data to have the month and date numbers flipped.
  • Replace the VC++ 2015 installers with the VC++ 2017.
  • Change displayed time in the window title to reflect user selected time zone in all the AI windows.
  • Fix application freezing or application closing abruptly due to cross-threading exceptions when closing AI Strategy windows or layouts with AI Strategy windows.
  • Add a default Multi-Strategy file to the installed TI Pro shared data files folder.
  • Made the following updates to Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus:
    • Fix “Collection was modified” exception and future exceptions for Brokerage Plus.
    • Fixed exception when clicking Double or Reverse buttons in the positions grid.
    • Added the Holly AI tab/window. Currently this option is under development and requires additional subscription authorization.
    • Add a market timer to the title bar.
    • Completely remove the Advanced Exits feature.
    • Last price in Positions grid now has blue and red background.
    • Additional logging to capture strategy edits and strategy layout when alert is received.

Known Issues in this build:

  • Volume charts may not be accurate.
  • Indicators plots may display incorrectly after showing history and then returning to live chart data.
  • Tracking down a potential issue that may cause the real-time server to differ from the historical server. The problem manifests itself by not always displaying a real-time event. When viewed later in history, the event appears.