Support & Resistance

Support and resistance are important technical levels for a stock price.  Support describes a price level that the stock tried to cross below, but ultimately stayed above.  Resistance describes a price level that the stock tried to cross above, but could not.  The bare minimum requirement to draw a support line or a resistance line is that the stock must spend a significant amount of time or volume at the price level.  Specific types of support and resistance lines can be drawn based on additional chart patterns.

Trade-Ideas reports alerts labeled as “support” or “resistance” based on the simplest definition of support and resistance.  The stock price must trade a sufficient amount of volume at or near the price level, and very little if any volume on the wrong side of the price level.

Trade-Ideas also reports some alerts based on more specific types of support and resistance.  These are always labeled with more specific names, like “channel breakdown”.

Alert Types

We offer the following alert types which are related to this topic.  Click on the icon for a detailed description of the alert, or click on the example link for additional samples of each type of alert.