Read the Tape

Reading the tape means watching every print and every change to the best bid and best ask of a stock.  This means working in the shortest time frame, to get the most up to date results.

Many of our alerts are specifically designed for people who read the tape.  The alerts which are labeled as “confirmed by volume” or “(confirmed)” work on a larger time scale.  Most of the other alerts report on the same time scale as reading the tape directly.

Even our slower alerts provide some of the advantages of reading the tape.  In particular, they do not discard any prints.  A person looking at a candlestick chart, for example has no way to know if the high value in a candle came from one small print, or if there was a lot of volume at that price.  A person reading the tape, or using our volume confirmed alerts, would know the difference.

Alert Types

We offer the following alert types which are related to this topic.  Click on the icon for a detailed description of the alert, or click on the example link for additional samples of each type of alert.