Welcome, Challenger! Are You Ready to Win?

Compete in The "Cashola" Tournament, where the top performer in our simulated trading competition will walk away with a $2,400 Amazon Gift Card. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, there's an opportunity for everyone to shine and win big!

*Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions apply.

Subscribers with existing Premium Trade Ideas subscriptions are automatically eligible to enter the contest without registration. Non-subscribers and Standard subscribers are required to register.

The Portfolio Manager Challenge Contest Rules*

The currently scheduled Cashola PMC runs from April 23rd to April 25th.

*Void where prohibited. Terms and conditions apply.


Compete & Win

Compete in a simulated trading competition. Who can make the most simulated money?

[Note: Participation in the Portfolio Master Challenge requires using the newest version of the Trade Ideas Pro AI application for Windows. You can download the newest version here.]


'Cashola' Trading Rules

  1. Trade only stocks priced at $1.00 or higher.
  2. Trading a minimum of 10 different securities is required for the tournament. 
  3. Maximum of 3 round trips per symbol per day.
  4. Stocks can be held overnight.
  5. Shorting is OK.

The tournament begins at the market open on Tuesday April 23rd and ends at the close on Thursday April 25th. Contest account trading is limited to regular trading hours only. The finalist accounts will be reviewed after the contest ends before winners are announced.


Competition Basics

• Each participant begins with a simulated CASH trading account of $100,000.

• The goal is to grow this amount as much as possible within the contest duration.

Judging Criteria

At the end of the contest, all trades and accounts will undergo an audit. The winner will be announced after verification.


[Note: Installation of latest Trade Ideas Pro AI for Windows required. Download here.]

Winners residing in the United States are asked to submit a IRS Form W-9 for tax purposes.

Welcome to the Winners Circle!

Video tutorials & Highlights

In the videos below, Michael Nauss CMT shows you how to get signed up and started with our Portfolio Master Challenge as well as showing you how the PMC dashboard works.

The Leaderboard

Your Spotlight Awaits!

Our Dynamic Leaderboard is where all the action unfolds! Not only does it showcase the top contestants, but it also highlights the stocks they trade on the heatmap on the Contest Dashboard. This real-time display offers a transparent view of the competition, allowing you to track your progress and gather inspiration from fellow traders.

How To Get Started

Simulated Account Setup

Here Michael Nauss will be showing you how to set up your simulated account for the contest and gives you a quick overview of our TI Dashboards where you'll be keeping an eye on the action during the Holiday Portfolio Master Challenge.

Make Your Mark!

Watch The Action!

To stand out and make your presence felt on the leaderboard, log into your profile page and upload a picture. This will be displayed as your avatar during the contest, giving a personal touch to your trading journey.


Select the PMC Contest Account

Only Trades from the "Cashola PMC" Contest Account are Eligible.

All participants begin with a $100,000 "Cashola PMC" simulated trading account for the contest All of your trades in the contest must be conducted in this contest account to be eligible and show on the leaderboard.

The "Cashola PMC" account will appear in the Brokerage+ module for all registered contestants on April 23, 2024.

NEW! - Browser Based Paper Trading on Market Dashboards

Just in time for the Cashola PMC. Participate from any device!

Browser-based trading on Trade Ideas' new Market Dashboards offers an unparalleled level of accessibility and convenience for traders. Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, this platform ensures that you can engage with the market anywhere you have internet access. The intuitive web interface simplifies trading, allowing users to easily view and manage their positions, enter trades with a variety of order types, and monitor real-time market data and performance metrics.

Where can I learn how to trade with Trade Ideas?

Daily Live Support Sessions

Chris Varley
Trading Support Specialist


12:00pm  EST

These Daily Support Sessions are here for you to join anytime it's open and ask our panel for assistance with Trade Ideas technology or trading related questions.

We stream all of our live Support Sessions Monday through Friday from 12pm ET / 9am PT. Just click on the link: and bookmark it to join using the same link for all of the Support Sessions.

Barrie's Live Trading Room

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During Live Trading Hours

To see the market action through the eyes of experienced traders, join Barrie daily in our free Trading Room and pay close attention to the Trader's Chat

Barrie discovered his passion for the stock market after obtaining an Engineering Degree in Metallurgy. In 2013, he suggested to Trade Ideas that they should have a Trading Room. Head here to join him live!