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Platforms integrated with Trade Ideas:

Trade Ideas technology is fully integrated inside eSignal. Trade Ideas is a tool to scan the U.S. markets for trade and investment opportunities ranging across weeks, days, and intraday timeframes. Tune into themed market channels regularly maintained by Trade Ideas.

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Brokers offering automation powered by Trade Ideas:

Lightspeed Trading is a leading provider of ultra low latency direct market access (DMA) trading technology, risk management solutions, and brokerage services for active and semi-active retail traders, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds, and algorithmic “black box” firms.  Their client exclusive social community, Lightspeed Spotlight, provides access to educational tools, news and expert market commentary, as well as interactive forums where users can share trading ideas and strategies – with the goal of helping make our clients better traders.

Combine your subscription to the Trade-Ideas suite of tools – including automation and a subscription to StockTickr, the easiest online trading journal you’ll ever use, with Interactive Broker’s per share pricing.

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Trader Education Partners of Trade Ideas

Are you ready to use the power of Trade Ideas’ alpha capturing technology with your Bulls On Wall Street team access and strategies? Bulls on Wallstreet has teamed up with Trade Ideas to develop scans that help you find the next winning trade. Visit Bulls on Wall St. for more info orclick Learn More to download.

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Day Trade Warrior

Day Trade Warrior is a community of professional day traders and beginners who are here to learn to day trade. We focus on Breakout Trading, Momentum Trading, Reversal Trading, Earnings Releases, and Breaking News. We are working together to generate ideas, post breaking news, and educate beginner traders. If you want to Learn to Day Trade this is the place to be. Day Trade Warriors uses Trade Ideas to develop their Alerts and Scans.

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Live Trader

LiveTraders is a collaboration of professional traders Anmol, Jared and Jay that became frustrated with many of the other chat rooms we visited and traded in. In general we felt that there was too much hype and not enough transparency. It was because of this lack of transparency that we wanted to showcase a more realistic (and transparent) trading room where traders could feel comfortable that the people teaching them were genuinely trading the stocks they were suggesting as well trading with real money, not simulators. That is why we decided to open LiveTraders, a community of, and for serious traders.

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Imagine a system that enabled you to create a simulated trading environment where your students can really experience the thrill of making real-time trades but without the risk? Enter – USA’s most popular entry-level trading platform – now available for your day trader education program. allows you to: Boost your income and upsell other courses as students’ progress. Become the future of day trader education. We help you turn novices into expert traders. Teach like never before; and help your students make real money.

Logix has is built on very sophisticated technological infrastructure.

  • We use server redundancy across the world.
  • We have MySQL servers in cluster mode transferring data from USA to Europa to Asia and viceversa
  • We have a farm of Oracle glassfish servers supporting the web application, which is so complex that it must use multithreading techniques setup on Oracle servers.
  • We use 256bits SSL encryption to be able to send automatic emails from our apps and from our website to avoid spam and attackers.
  • And finally the backoffice uses the data clustering feature of our MySQL servers to globally manage the traders no matter which server they are connected to.

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DAYTRADINGz is the right place for investors and traders to read insightful reviews about financial products and services. Visit for more information.

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Valued Partners with Trade Ideas:

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) is a leading provider of trading platforms, risk and compliance technology and trading infrastructure products for the global equities, equity options, and futures markets.

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KCG offers leading services designed to address trading needs across asset classes, product types and time zones. As one of the world’s largest independent market makers, we combine advanced technology with exceptional client service to deliver unique liquidity, lower transaction costs and improve pricing.

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With our long standing partnership with StockTwits, our software looks for unusual social activity in real-time and reports that activity as alerts and filters in Trade Ideas Pro and Trade Ideas Web and also for free as a stream on StockTwits via @TradeIdeasQuant

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Trade Ideas LLC, a provider of real-time idea generation and market scanning technology, recently announced NASDAQ Market Velocity and Forces® has been integrated into its market scanning platform, giving end-users the ability to measure levels of pre-trade order activity in the NASDAQ® trading system.  As a result, Trade Ideas LLC end-users can receive trade ideas that gauge buy and sell interest in specific issues as well as compare expected order activity with the current activity before the actual trade occurs.

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RealTick customers can now access Trade-Ideas from their browser inside RealTick and link directly to anywhere within the platform.  Save 25% off the price of a Trade-Ideas subscription (web-based version only) at $49/month!

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