Stock Screener: Stocks Near Daily Bollinger Bands


This list shows which stocks are closest to their daily Bollinger Bands.  The closing price of each stock is compared to its upper, middle, or lower Bollinger Band, whichever is closest.  Stocks which are closest to one of these three values are listed at the top of this list.


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Min Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily)
Max Position in Bollinger Bands (Daily)


ANDI - Andiamo Corp
ECA - Encana Corp
FLTT - Flint Telecom Group
HDYNQ - Hyperdynamics Corp
JKS - JinkoSolar Holding Co Ltd ADS
RSHN - Rushnet Inc
VIA - Viacom, Inc CL A
STTH - Stealth Technologies
ARPO - Aerpio Pharmaceuticals, Inc
JMOM - JPMorgan US Momentum Factor ETF
GPP - Green Plains Partners LP Units
AMXEF - Amex Exploration Inc
ATIS - Attis Industries, Inc
PAK - Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF
NXTM - NxStage Medical, Inc
LEHNQ - Lehman Bros Br Holding 6.24 N
EAF - GrafTech Intl Ltd
ORBN - Oregon Bancorp Inc
RKAGY - Rhoen-klin Unsp ADR
KALV - KalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc
TINO - Tamino Minerals Inc
QEP - QEP Resources, Inc



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