Stock Screener: Stocks Down 6 Days in a Row


This list shows which stocks have gone down for more than 5 consecutive days.  This is based strictly on the closing price of the stock each day.

The symbol with the longest losing streak are on top.  After that they are sorted by volume.


To see similar trading opportunities in our real-time product, use the filters listed below.  Click on an icon for more information.

Min Consecutive Days
Max Consecutive Days


VLGEA - Village Super Market, Inc
BGNE - Beigene Ltd ADS
PWCO - Pwrcor
RFI - Cohen & Steers Total Return Realty, Inc
CAN - Canaan Inc.
LTMCF - Lithium Chile Inc
ILPT - Industrial Logistics Properties Trust Common Shares Of Beneficial Intl
SBGI - Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
FR - First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc
VPLM - Inc
PRPO - Precipio, Inc
SJB - ProShares Short High Yield
QK - Q&K International Group Limited
AMVMF - Amg Advanced Metal
NAKD - Naked Brand Group, Inc



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