Stock Screener: Most Volatile Stocks by %


This list shows which stocks have the highest volatility.  The volatility is expressed in % per day.  This list does not include any stocks trading below $5.

The stocks with the highest values are listed at the top.


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Min Volatility
Max Volatility


CCG - Cheche Group Inc.
PIXY - ShiftPixy, Inc.
DBGIW - Digital Brands Group, Inc. - Warrant
LTRPB - Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc.
FBYD - Falcon's Beyond Global, Inc.
OPTX - Syntec Optics Holdings, Inc. - Class A
STCN - Steel Connect, Inc.
SQL - SeqLL Inc. - Common stock
FATBB - FAT Brands Inc. - Class B
AMBI - Ambipar Emergency Response
ADXN - Addex Therapeutics Ltd - American Depositary Shares
BDRX - Biodexa Pharmaceuticals plc - American Depositary Shares
ATGL - Alpha Technology Group Limited
FREQ - Frequency Therapeutics, Inc.
CANO - Cano Health, Inc. Class A
AONC - American Oncology Network, Inc. - Class A
LCFY - Locafy Limited - Ordinary Share
DDC - DDC Enterprise Limited
ENGN - enGene Holdings Inc.
NCL - Northann Corp.
SEZL - Sezzle Inc.
UVIX - 2x Long VIX Futures ETF
ELTX - Elicio Therapeutics, Inc.
KRRO - Korro Bio, Inc.
MSS - Maison Solutions Inc.
QRTEB - Qurate Retail, Inc. - Series B
LFLY - Leafly Holdings, Inc.
GNLX - Genelux Corporation
BODY - The Beachbody Company, Inc. Class A
MXC - Mexco Energy Corporation
BHG - Bright Health Group, Inc.
LZM - Lifezone Metals Limited
HSDT - Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. - Class A
VTVT - vTv Therapeutics Inc. - Class A
KALA - Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ACOR - Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
AEON - AEON Biopharma, Inc. Class A
CREV - Carbon Revolution Public Limited Company
KELYB - Kelly Services, Inc. - Class B
UVXY - ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures ETF
SPRC - SciSparc Ltd.
UHG - United Homes Group, Inc - Class A
RGC - Regencell Bioscience Holdings Limited - Ordinary Shares
AMC - AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A
FBYDP - Falcon's Beyond Global, Inc. - 8% Series A Preferred Stock
GENK - GEN Restaurant Group, Inc.
CETX - Cemtrex Inc.
RILY - B. Riley Financial, Inc.
ARTH - Arch Therapeutics, Inc.
BAER - Bridger Aerospace Group Holdings, Inc.
PCTTU - PureCycle Technologies, Inc. - Unit
CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc.
SLNO - Soleno Therapeutics, Inc.
SOXS - Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3x Shares
GMM - Global Mofy Metaverse Limited
VCSA - Vacasa, Inc.
NWGL - Nature Wood Group Limited
GRPN - Groupon, Inc.
NERV - Minerva Neurosciences, Inc
LABD - Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X Shares
FEDU - Four Seasons Education (Cayman) Inc. American Depositary Shares, each ADS representing 10 ordinary shares
MDBH - MDB Capital Holdings, LLC
SFWL - Shengfeng Development Limited - Class A Ordinary Shares
MLGO - MicroAlgo, Inc. - Ordinary Shares
DWACU - Digital World Acquisition Corp. - Units
VERV - Verve Therapeutics, Inc.
REE - REE Automotive Ltd. - Class A Ordinary Shares
NLOP - Net Lease Office Properties Common Shares of Beneficial Interest
MARA - Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
NLOP/WI - Net Lease Office Properties Common Shares of Beneficial Interest When-Issued
TSAT - Telesat Corporation
TNGX - Tango Therapeutics, Inc.
FRLN - Freeline Therapeutics Holdings plc - ADSs
CVNA - Carvana Co. Class A
WW - WW International, Inc.
KPLT - Katapult Holdings, Inc.
CLSK - CleanSpark, Inc.
PSQH - PSQ Holdings, Inc. Class A
NMRA - Neumora Therapeutics, Inc.
CBUS - Cibus, Inc. - Class A
OBIO - Orchestra BioMed Holdings, Inc. - Ordinary Shares
AINC - Ashford Inc. (Holding Company)
AGLE - Aeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc.
GCT - GigaCloud Technology Inc
SDA - SunCar Technology Group Inc. - Ordinary Shares
SNBR - Sleep Number Corporation
RVMD - Revolution Medicines, Inc.
RIOT - Riot Platforms, Inc.
AMAM - Ambrx Biopharma, Inc.
VFS - VinFast Auto Ltd.
RUN - Sunrun Inc.
NVAX - Novavax, Inc.
ALXO - ALX Oncology Holdings Inc.
BIVI - BioVie Inc. - Common stock
NCTY - The9 Limited - American Depository Shares
NOVA - Sunnova Energy International Inc.
SAVA - Cassava Sciences, Inc.
ATIP - ATI Physical Therapy, Inc. Class A
UPST - Upstart Holdings, Inc. - Common stock
RDZN - Roadzen, Inc. - Ordinary Shares
MTEM - Molecular Templates, Inc.
AEHR - Aehr Test Systems
ESTA - Establishment Labs Holdings Inc. - Common Shares
IPX - IperionX Limited
LVRO - Lavoro Limited
OWLT - Owlet, Inc. Class A
CRVO - CervoMed Inc.
EH - EHang Holdings Limited - ADS
SEDG - SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.
IONQ - IonQ, Inc.
SOFI - SoFi Technologies, Inc.
RVNC - Revance Therapeutics, Inc.
PTON - Peloton Interactive, Inc.
BOIL - ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas
DOMA - Doma Holdings, Inc.
NVCT - Nuvectis Pharma, Inc.
RPHM - Reneo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
OM - Outset Medical, Inc.
BYND - Beyond Meat, Inc. - Common stock
VXX - iPath Series B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN
NYC - American Strategic Investment Co. Class A
FNGD - MicroSectors FANG, Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs due January 8, 2038
SHIM - Shimmick Corporation
CNTA - Centessa Pharmaceuticals plc - American Depositary Shares
SLND - Southland Holdings, Inc.
ABVX - Abivax SA
JFIN - Jiayin Group Inc. - American Depositary Shares
PRTA - Prothena Corporation plc - Ordinary Shares
IOVA - Iovance Biotherapeutics, Inc.
RYZB - RayzeBio, Inc.
ARRY - Array Technologies, Inc.
LAAC - Lithium Americas (Argentina) Corp. Common Shares
RXRX - Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Class A
RIVN - Rivian Automotive, Inc.
LRE - Lead Real Estate Co., Ltd - American Depositary Shares
EXPR - Express, Inc.
CYCCP - Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - 6% Convertible Preferred Stock
LXEO - Lexeo Therapeutics, Inc.
LFMD - LifeMD, Inc.
CFLT - Confluent, Inc. - Class A
ZNTL - Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - common stock
CRIS - Curis, Inc.
ACHR - Archer Aviation Inc. Class A
OTMO - Otonomo Technologies Ltd. - Ordinary shares
RDFN - Redfin Corporation
VIXY - ProShares VIX Short-Term Futures ETF
SHLS - Shoals Technologies Group, Inc. - Class A
JOBY - Joby Aviation, Inc.
LBTYB - Liberty Global Ltd. - Class B Common Shares
TGTX - TG Therapeutics, Inc.
OLMA - Olema Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MRVI - Maravai LifeSciences Holdings, Inc. - Class A common stock
ETNB - 89bio, Inc.
SQQQ - ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ
GYRE - Gyre Therapeutics, Inc.
NIO - NIO Inc. American depositary shares, each representing one Class A ordinary share
AI -, Inc. Class A
SYM - Symbotic Inc. - Class A
SMCI - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
EBON - Ebang International Holdings Inc. - Class A Ordinary Shares
AFRM - Affirm Holdings, Inc. - Class A
PHAT - Phathom Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
OSTK -, Inc.
MSOS - AdvisorShares Trust AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF
USGO - U.S. GoldMining Inc.
AGL - agilon health, inc.
ENVX - Enovix Corporation
GHSI - Guardion Health Sciences, Inc.
SILK - Silk Road Medical, Inc.
HARP - Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc.
EYPT - EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
SOXL - Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares
QS - QuantumScape Corporation Class A
BILL - BILL Holdings, Inc.
IGMS - IGM Biosciences, Inc.
NEP - NextEra Energy Partners, LP Common Units representing limited partner interests
ENPH - Enphase Energy, Inc.
TSLL - Direxion Daily TSLA Bull 1.5X Shares
MSC - Studio City International Holdings Limited American depositary shares, each representing four Class A ordinary shares
MLTX - MoonLake Immunotherapeutics - Class A Ordinary Shares
AUGX - Augmedix, Inc.
NCSM - NCS Multistage Holdings, Inc.
TZA - Direxion Small Cap Bear 3X Shares
HKD - AMTD Digital Inc.
GHRS - GH Research PLC - Ordinary Shares
PLTR - Palantir Technologies Inc. Class A
ABL - Abacus Life, Inc. - Class A
ZIM - ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Ordinary Shares
INOD - Innodata Inc.
LAC - Lithium Americas Corp. Common Shares
ACMR - ACM Research, Inc. - Class A
TISI - Team, Inc.
GPCR - Structure Therapeutics Inc.
PACB - Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.
FLNC - Fluence Energy, Inc.
TNDM - Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.
STVN - Stevanato Group S.p.A. Ordinary Shares
CELH - Celsius Holdings, Inc.
CART - Maplebear Inc.
GDXD - MicroSectors Gold Miners -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs
CRGX - CARGO Therapeutics, Inc.
VHC - VirnetX Holding Corp
TSRI - TSR, Inc.
PRPO - Precipio, Inc.
GFR - Greenfire Resources Ltd.
HPP - Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc.
BCRX - BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
MLYS - Mineralys Therapeutics, Inc.
IMRX - Immuneering Corporation - Class A
NTZ - Natuzzi, S.p.A.
NATL - NCR Atleos Corporation
TVTX - Travere Therapeutics, Inc.
LYFT - Lyft, Inc. - Class A
TOPS - TOP Ships Inc.
LMND - Lemonade, Inc.
PLCE - Children's Place, Inc. (The)
SRRK - Scholar Rock Holding Corporation
NBTX - Nanobiotix S.A. - ADSs
ULBI - Ultralife Corporation
JDST - Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 2X Shares
ANVS - Annovis Bio, Inc.
RIG - Transocean Ltd (Switzerland)
PRME - Prime Medicine, Inc.
SAVE - Spirit Airlines, Inc.
COIN - Coinbase Global, Inc. - Class A
KVYO - Klaviyo, Inc.
TMF - Direxion Daily 20-Yr Treasury Bull 3x Shrs
IMMX - Immix Biopharma, Inc.
MGTX - MeiraGTx Holdings plc - Ordinary Shares
TLIS - Talis Biomedical Corporation - common stock
MTEX - Mannatech, Incorporated
COYA - Coya Therapeutics, Inc.
DPST - Direxion Daily Regional Banks Bull 3X Shares
NRIX - Nurix Therapeutics, Inc. - Common stock
TMCI - Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.
DXR - Daxor Corporation - Closed End Fund
RDIB - Reading International Inc - Class B Voting
CRSP - CRISPR Therapeutics AG - Common Shares

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