Custom Top List: Stocks Trending Down (+DI below -DI, confirmed by ADX)

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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Directional Indicator (%)Average Directional Index (%)
1.MUX - McEwen Mining Inc.2.90-53.473.4
2.ARGO - Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd.20.30-47.562.1
3.CHRA - Charah Solutions, Inc.2.53-44.134.9
4.CAE - CAE Inc. Ordinary Shares20.11-37.830.8
5.USPH - U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc.83.89-36.451.8
6.IMAB - I-MAB - American Depositary Shares6.01-33.433.8
7.CGAU - Centerra Gold Inc. Common Shares4.60-31.740.9
8.CODX - Co-Diagnostics, Inc.3.71-30.834.8
9.EB - Eventbrite, Inc. Class A7.41-30.434.8
10.LAW - CS Disco, Inc.13.90-26.930.4
11.SPB - Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.68.00-26.235.5
12.ILPT - Industrial Logistics Properties Trust - Common Shares of Beneficial Interest8.80-25.748.7
13.KRO - Kronos Worldwide Inc14.95-24.940.4
14.UIS - Unisys Corporation New10.11-22.630.7
15.MNTV - Momentive Global Inc.7.39-21.133.0
16.TEF - Telefonica SA4.26-19.931.7
17.INOD - Innodata Inc.4.09-19.136.9
18.NEM - Newmont Corporation43.53-18.754.2
19.MCY - Mercury General Corporation34.33-18.650.9
20.SSRM - SSR Mining Inc.14.32-18.430.6
21.GLDD - Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation10.22-17.736.2
22.MED - MEDIFAST INC134.80-16.235.0
23.KN - Knowles Corporation16.48-15.132.9
24.RGLD - Royal Gold, Inc.97.20-14.333.1
25.SLCR - Silver Crest Acquisition Corporation - Class A Ordinary Share9.93-14.048.5

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