Custom Top List: Stocks Trending Up (+DI above -DI, confirmed by ADX)

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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Directional Indicator (%)Average Directional Index (%)
1.ALPA - Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp. III10.1790.056.6
2.USX - U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. Class A5.9668.042.8
3.DALS - DA32 Life Science Tech Acquisition Corp. - Class A10.1567.590.9
4.TRAQ - Trine II Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares10.4663.577.8
5.SUAC - ShoulderUp Technology Acquisition Corp. Class A10.3856.853.5
6.BMEA - Biomea Fusion, Inc.32.3548.836.2
7.IGTA - Inception Growth Acquisition Limited10.1947.876.8
8.IVCB - Investcorp Europe Acquisition Corp I10.4644.982.8
9.KBAL - Kimball International, Inc. - Class B12.3543.353.1
10.ENZ - Enzo Biochem, Inc. ($0.01 Par Value)2.5137.535.5
11.PYXS - Pyxis Oncology, Inc.4.5437.236.4
12.WWAC - Worldwide Webb Acquisition Corp.10.3536.391.1
13.PEGR - Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp.10.2134.972.6
14.VKTX - Viking Therapeutics, Inc.15.9334.831.6
15.RONI - Rice Acquisition Corp. II Class A Ordinary Shares10.2431.552.6
16.CORR-A - CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust, Inc. Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/100th fractional interest of a share of 7.375% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock7.0427.543.2
17.ONON - On Holding AG30.8026.830.3
18.GHSI - Guardion Health Sciences, Inc.6.4925.331.2
19.INZY - Inozyme Pharma, Inc.4.7024.733.7
20.EQX - Equinox Gold Corp. Common Shares5.2123.532.2
21.MG - Mistras Group Inc6.5823.137.7
22.KR - Kroger Company (The)49.0422.942.2
23.DNUT - Krispy Kreme, Inc.15.5522.644.1
24.AUPH - Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc - Common Shares11.2722.637.7
25.ERJ - Embraer S.A.16.2822.544.7

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