Custom Top List: Stocks Trending Up (+DI above -DI, confirmed by ADX)

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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Directional Indicator (%)Average Directional Index (%)
1.MURF - Murphy Canyon Acquisition Corp. - Class A17.4557.438.5
2.MPRA - Mercato Partners Acquisition Corporation - Class A10.7052.778.7
3.SPLK - Splunk Inc.145.1746.241.5
4.SMFG - Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc Unsponsored American Depositary Shares (Japan)10.3535.933.6
5.NFYS - Enphys Acquisition Corp.10.5035.759.3
6.LHC - Leo Holdings Corp. II Class A Ordinary Shares10.8933.846.5
7.VIRC - Virco Manufacturing Corporation6.3931.841.3
8.SQL - SeqLL Inc. - Common stock15.3628.649.3
9.MTRX - Matrix Service Company10.4528.243.7
10.GDHG - Golden Heaven Group Holdings Ltd. - Class A Ordinary Shares5.8026.331.5
11.BBW - Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc.28.3525.543.3
12.TRT - Trio-Tech International7.3925.433.1
13.MUFG - Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.8.9025.232.7
14.HRB - H&R Block, Inc.42.0524.047.1
15.SBRA - Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc.13.9422.632.4
16.ORN - Orion Group Holdings, Inc. Common5.4322.150.0
17.TM - Toyota Motor Corporation187.1021.833.9
18.EC - Ecopetrol S.A. American Depositary Shares12.5821.134.3
19.EWJV - iShares MSCI Japan Value ETF29.5820.632.0
20.AVAV - AeroVironment, Inc.112.3320.433.4
21.CWCO - Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. - Ordinary Shares29.2620.255.4
22.AGX - Argan, Inc.46.1120.035.8
23.ADTX - Aditxt, Inc.18.0919.945.1
24.CSPI - CSP Inc.17.0718.455.0
25.TNGX - Tango Therapeutics, Inc.10.3218.154.3

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