Custom Top List: Stocks Trending Up (+DI above -DI, confirmed by ADX)

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Data from the last 5 minutes after the close:
Price ($)Directional Indicator (%)Average Directional Index (%)
1.CCTS - Cactus Acquisition Corp. 1 Limited - Class A Ordinary Share10.0257.574.5
2.CCXI - ChemoCentryx, Inc.51.0055.050.0
3.IVCA - Investcorp India Acquisition Corp.10.0647.988.1
4.FPAY - FlexShopper, Inc.2.7646.142.5
5.PBAX - Phoenix Biotech Acquisition Corp.10.0843.979.5
6.WETG - WeTrade Group Inc.5.1942.951.6
7.LRMR - Larimar Therapeutics, Inc.3.0040.532.2
8.CYBE - CyberOptics Corporation53.4739.846.6
9.BCLI - Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.3.7837.941.1
10.CPAR - Catalyst Partners Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Share9.8436.569.1
11.ACQR - Independence Holdings Corp. - Class A Ordinary Share35.265.8
12.DEN - Denbury Inc.92.4535.033.4
13.VRDN - Viridian Therapeutics, Inc.23.5834.334.5
14.ATXS - Astria Therapeutics, Inc.8.0631.847.0
15.ATCO - Atlas Corp. Common Shares14.3429.939.2
16.NCPL - Netcapital Inc.3.2029.158.9
17.ASTS - AST SpaceMobile, Inc. - Class A12.2928.242.7
18.HCIC - Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V - Class A9.8728.147.0
19.OXM - Oxford Industries, Inc.117.9727.635.9
20.CAH - Cardinal Health, Inc.69.2327.161.1
21.AEY - ADDvantage Technologies Group, Inc.2.0827.033.2
22.CARE - Carter Bankshares, Inc.17.1826.736.8
23.BELFB - Bel Fuse Inc. - Class B27.6426.260.0
24.AGS - PlayAGS, Inc.7.6726.031.5
25.LTRPB - Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. - Series B38.4925.748.5

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