Stock Screener: Stocks - 20 Day Losers by Volatility


This list shows which stocks have moved down the most over the last 20 trading days.  Because this list is organized by the size of the price change relative to the stock's volatility, it shows the most statistically unusual price decreases.  This list compares the 20 day moving average to the volatility over the last 10 days, so this list shows stocks which made a big move in the past, but aren't likely to move that far in the near future.

The formula for this list is (yesterday's close - 20 day SMA of the closing prices) / volatility.  The highest value is shown at the top of the list.


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Min Change from 20 Day SMA
Max Change from 20 Day SMA


BYSD - Bayside Corp
MAHMF - Mahindra&mahindra Dp
UNLVF - Unilever NV Nlg
PFSCF - Prometic Life Science
CNAC - Constellation Alpha Capital Corp
CRDAF - Coronado Resources Ltd
EESO - Enzyme Environmental
NOVKY - Novatek Pjsc GDR
MNTCF - Euro Metals Corp
CODGF - Compagnie De St Goba
GNAF - Microsectors Fang Index Inverse ETN



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