Stock Screener: Stocks - 200 Day Winners by Volatility


This list shows which stocks have moved up the most over the last 200 trading days.  Because this list is organized by the size of the price change relative to the stock's volatility, it shows the most statistically unusual price increases.  This list compares the 200 day moving average to the volatility over the last 10 days, so this list shows stocks which made a big move in the past, but aren't likely to move that far in the near future.

The formula for this list is (yesterday's close - 200 day SMA of the closing prices) / volatility.  The highest value is shown at the top of the list.


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Min Change from 200 Day SMA
Max Change from 200 Day SMA


ASMLF - Asml Holding NV Ord Shares
LDNXF - London Stock Exchange
NOVKY - Novatek Pjsc GDR
EMXC - iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex China ETF
MKGAF - Merck Kgaa Dm 5
AZIHF - Azimut Holding Spa
ZFSVF - Zurich Financial Services
BFGIF - Boyd Group Income Fund Trust
GMICF - Genworth Mi Cda Inc
BOARF - Boart Longyear Ltd
EVVTY - Evolution Gaming Group AB ADR
VFLQ - Vanguard U.S. Liquidity Factor ETF
ASAZF - Assa Abloy AB
ADDDF - Adidas Ag Or
FNGO - MicroSectors FANG Index 2X Leveraged ETNs
SBGSF - Schneider Electric
QBCRF - Quebecor Inc Cl B
ATEYY - Advantest Corp ADR
CSIOY - Casio Computer Ltd A



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